01 July 2011

Metrocon, Animation Magazine Pitch Party and Updates

Hello! It's been a busy last few weeks, between graduation, Metrocon and promoting Fate Saga for the Animation Magazine's Pitch Party online voting. But now that it's over, I have some time to talk about what's happened at the events, and some upcoming updates to be expected from Fate Saga!

The convention went very well! It was my first time conducting panels at a convention, and I did five hours worth of them over a span of three days. These panels were more instructional, using Fate Saga as my example and point of reference. Part of the concept behind the panels was to promote Fate Saga, of course. But it was also used as a way to give con-goers who might be considering pursuing animation as a career (or those who just might be curious about how the whole process works. It's far more involved than what most people think) a place to find out more insider information, from the point of view of someone who's also still learning and experimenting.

As one of my professors from Savannah College of Art and Design, Dr. daCosta, used to say (I may be butchering his quote here, but it was something like this), "students can sometimes learn more from each other than from professors or superiors, because they're talking and learning at the same level, instead of being talked down to or having to look up to the professor."

The panels at Metrocon also worked well as a preview or practice for AWA. It was an especially good learning experience because we ran into a lot of technical issues at Metrocon, that I am going to work to avoid for AWA. I haven't had a Mac computer for long, yet, and sometimes forget that they don't like to play well with other equipment. We were able to make due without the projector at Metrocon and still have a successful presentation, but that's not going to work for Anime Weekend Atlanta. Still, we have until the end of September to make sure everything is right.

On a great note, I've had the pleasure of meeting with some really awesome people at Metrocon! Some are interested in helping with Fate Saga - including environmental artists and voice actors, and others are interested in simply keeping up with/watching it (which is also amazing! What good is a series without fans?)! I even received two very awesome fan artworks during the convention featured in this post, from the talented Matthew Zeis and Vincent Maler!

Animation Magazine Pitch Party 2011
As you may know from the prior posts, Fate Saga was successfully submitted to Animation Magazine's Pitch Party, sponsored by Savannah College of Art and Design. The online voting was this past week. I want to give another big thanks to everyone who took the time to vote and promoted the series to their friends and families! I really appreciate it! Every vote counted!

Overall, I have no idea how well Fate Saga fared in comparison to its competition and I won't know until the results are released around the second week of July. There were some other great pitches on there, including my good friend's projects, Taffetas and Duck and Monster. I wish them the best!

Although it would be great if Fate Saga won the voting, even if it doesn't win that doesn't mean it's the end! There are actually three categories from which a pitch can win. Along with the online voting, there is also the Judge's Pick and Staff's Choice. Best case scenario, Fate Saga might have the opportunity to be pitched to the judge of my choice. Good case scenario, Fate Saga may have an additional article in the August edition of Animation Magazine. But even worst case scenario, Fate Saga along with the other projects will all get exposure on the July issue, and at the very least viewed by the judges and staff. It may lead into opportunities and recognition that Fate Saga wouldn't have otherwise had, and that definitely counts for something! I'll keep you informed!

Fate Saga Future Updates
Now that summer has begun and, for some, class work has eased up or ended, production is going to kick back up at a slow but steady pace, so expect to see some updates to the pilot soon!

Also, on July 20th, Fate Saga is going to be put up on Kickstarter.com for funding and will be up for 90 days. If it's successful, then the pilot's production will kick up to full speed and we can put a due date on this project!

We have some new Fate Saga recruits who are in the process of being added to the Crew List! Along with updates to the Crew, expect to see some great work coming up, including voice acting tests and environmental art!


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