21 July 2011

Support Fate Saga Through Kickstarter!

Fate Saga Kickstarter Video

Fate Saga has been submitted to Kickstarter for review, and as soon as it is approved the video and content will be uploaded onto the site! I am assuming that this will be within 12-24 hours, and as soon as it's up the link will be provided here!

What we're asking for is support to complete the pilot episode, to be submitted to festivals, sponsors, studios and networks in hopes of 'kickstarting' the entire series.

Once it's up on Kickstarter, the blog is also going to kick into higher gear with more updates on promotions, progress on the funding, additional voice acting tests and concept art, and much more! We're hoping to make quite a buzz here for the next 90 days! Please tell your friends, family, neighbors and strangers about Fate Saga! We need your interest and support!


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