Fate Saga is a fantastical, action/drama animated series about fate and free will, and follows Cain, a knight who can see the future. With only glimpses of prophecies to guide him, Cain interferes in natural disasters and war in hopes of stopping his tragic visions from happening.

However, in a world on the brink of an apocalypse, is knowing the final outcome enough to change it?

Fate Saga is an original animated action/drama series taking place in a fantastical world based on Medieval Europe.

31 August 2011

20 Facts About Cain

20 facts about Cain

1. Cain is sexist
Although honorable and chivalrous, Cain's gentle treatment of women comes from an innate feeling that women are weak and in need of protection. He prefers never to fight a woman and doesn't tend to take a female enemy seriously. On the other hand, he has unrealistic expectations for how men should behave. He believes they should be strong, noble and treat women gently. This taints the way he reacts to certain events. If he sees a woman abusing a man, Cain would consider the man weak for not standing up for himself. However, if he sees a man abusing a woman, he will beat up the man. His sexist views often put him at odds with Rori, who is very fiercely independent and sees Cain as chauvinistic.

2. He has a black and white view of the world
Cain has a strong belief in how things should be, and he expects the world to abide by it. Men and women are expected to act a certain way, everyone should be noble and polite. Knights, soldiers, militia are meant to be pure and good, while anyone who does bad deeds (stealing, murder) are immediately evil regardless of the motivation. His self-righteous attitude often puts him at odds with morally neutral/grey area characters because Cain has no trouble lecturing them about the errors of their ways without listening to their situation.

3. Cain is an introvert
Although Cain was raised to be able to conduct himself well in public and to be able to hold conversations, he is generally shy and prefers not to talk a lot if he doesn't have to. He doesn't prefer to participate in parties or social gatherings.

4. He is shy and awkward around women he finds attractive.
Cain fails at flirting. Terribly. Any attempt to sweet talk a woman tends to come across as awkward and sometimes creepy because he will just grow silent and hover around - wanting to talk to the girl but not knowing what to say. The fact that he's huge and wears a cowl that conceals part of his face doesn't help.

5. Cain is very self conscious about his body
He has a lot of scars, many from the same terrible event that caused the scar on his face. While some men show off their scars and consider them to be cool, Cain is ashamed of his because he considers them signs of mistakes and failures. So he is almost always fully covered up, even during the summer.

6. Cain's mother was psychic, with the same future sight ability he has.
The people of Kantarok were very superstitious of magic, psychic ability or anything they deemed unnatural. As a result, Cain's mother hid her psychic power and ignored her visions to avoid being called a witch. However, she supported Cain in letting him decide for himself what he wanted to do.

7. Cain falls in love with Larkspur the first time he hears her sing.
What drew Cain to Larkspur was when he first hears her voice. He finds her physically attractive, but it's her voice that really ensnares him. Cain comes to the Crystalin every night that Larkspur is there just to watch her sing - which ends up creeping her out.

8. Cain is Catholic
He was a paladin of Kantarok, a very religious and superstitious small kingdom. He believes his visions to be a holy calling to stop events that aren't meant to happen.

9. He has a phobia of dragons
Due to a traumatic event involving a dragon when he was younger, Cain has a phobia of dragons. However, Cain is too righteous and noble to run away from a battle. So if he is faced with a dragon, he will simply freeze stiff - unable to rush forward and fight but unwilling to run away.

10. Cain has BO
Because he lives outside most of the time without regular access to running water, and often engages in activities that often involve sweating (fighting and saving lives does that kind of thing), Cain at times has an odor. Man stink. Body cheese.

11. He tends to take a fatherly disposition towards anyone who he sees going down the wrong path, but isn't evil
For characters like Guile, Rori and others, who do bad things but aren't bad people, Cain makes a point to try and 'show them the right way'. He does this by patronizing them. Some who are looking for guidance, like Guile, respond well or are otherwise appreciative of Cain's fatherly concern. Others, like Rori, want him to mind his own darn business.

12. Cain is a good ballroom dancer
Due to his chivalry and etiquette training as a knight of Kantarok, Cain learned some of the nobleman traits such as ballroom dancing. He is very good at any dance that requires the dancer to be stiff and masculine. Any booty shaking involved and it's over.

13. He has an excessive sense of responsibility
Cain takes the burden of the world on his shoulders. He expects a lot from others, but expects an exceeding amount of himself. Cain will blame himself for events that are beyond his control, and tends to avoid letting anyone else help with missions and burdens he feels should be his alone to bear. However, at times he can break under the weight of it.

14. Cain is my third oldest character
Cain, Guile and Rori are my three oldest which still made it into the final story, Guile being the oldest, Rori a close second, and Cain third. Cain's original name was Jake, and his original story changed multiple times throughout the course of many years, but always included that one major event that changed the course of his life and set him off to a path of helping/saving people. I used to have a different character named Cain, but when he was written out of the story, I took the name and gave it to Jake.

15. Cain doesn't believe in revenge, but he does hold a grudge
He believes in forgiving and forgetting, and will preach it. However, he can't help but feel a grudge towards those who've wronged him. As a result, he may save an enemy in battle out of knightly obligation and in the sake of "It's the right thing to do." However, he will almost always regard that enemy as depraved and villainous, and will be suspicious of their intentions even if they're turning a new leaf. Overall, he is aware of his judgmental attitude and will try to hide it/give the benefit of the doubt as much as he can.

16. He will bottle up and hold back his anger, but then explode once he loses his temper
Cain is adept with keeping his emotions in check, and will hide his frustration and worry. He can come across as calm and rational even in intensive situations. However, once he's reached his limit and loses his temper, he can snap and briefly go into a rage. Cain can regain control of his temper quickly afterwards, usually before he does anything he'd regret or go too far.

17. He doesn't want to be leader, but often takes a leadership role out of obligation
Cain doesn't like to work in groups and prefers to work alone, however his sense of responsibility always compels him to take the lead if there does happen to be anyone else involved. It is not that he feels himself to be a great leader, but because he doesn't tend to trust anyone else to do the job and Cain would feel responsible if anyone got hurt during the mission whether he was leader or not.

18. Cain is good at taking orders
Although he tends to try and take a leadership role, if he is in a position where another leader is established, even if he doesn't like or trust the leader, he will still listen and follow orders as to not cause problems for his team. Especially if his knighthood is called into question.

19. He is very sensitive to any mention of Kantarok or any jabs against him as a knight
Kantarok's destruction leaves Cain as a knight without a country, which is the worst failure. Because he doesn't have a kingdom to protect, some don't consider Cain to be a knight at all, anymore. However, he clings to that title and continues to use it. If he is called out as a failure or belittled as a knight, he will get angry and take it to heart much more than he should.

20. Cain is altruistic
He is very concerned with the welfare and happiness of others, and always puts them above his own. Cain will be the first to help a stranger in need, and give everything he can for the greater good. He does this partially because he feels that is how a knight should be, and also out of guilt for past failures.

29 August 2011

Somber Larkspur, by Tracy MacLauchlan

This is a lovely gift of Larkspur, by my dear and talented friend Tracy MacLauchlan! She's so sad and wistful here. Maybe she's waiting for someone, or had her feelings hurt? Larkspur looks so beautiful and graceful in Tracy's feminine style.

Feel free to check out more samples of her work on her blog, as well as her stories, The Taffetas and Test Flight!

27 August 2011

Larkspur Crystalin After Effects Composite Concept

For Larkspur's introduction, and as a quick introduction to the Crystalin for the Kickstarter pitch presentation, I whipped up illustrations for Larkspur, Guile, Cain and Rori, as well as took a screenshot of the interior of the Crystalin. The group was composited together in After Effects, with lighting and color correction added.

The reason for doing it this way was because it allowed for animation within the pitch presentation (as I didn't want any image to remain still and risk stagnation) without spending the extra time it would take for full frame-by-frame or even puppeted animation. The purpose is to represent the Crystalin environment and the characters within it and is meant to feel more like an animatic, where the viewer can fill in the details

25 August 2011

Cyrus Pilot Clips ReVoiced

Cyrus voiced by Scott Smith
Cain voiced by Orlando Aviles
Storyboards by Dana Corrigan

Recently, Scott Smith tried for the part for Cyrus in the series. His voice test for Cyrus came out so well that we tried to see how it would sound if Scott re-recorded the voices for the pilot episode. This was made possible because Scott had his own recording equipment, and was kind enough to put in the time to do it.

These are the voices integrated into the pilot. This is not all of Cyrus' lines, but a good portion of them. All sound other than the dialogue are either temp sounds, or the final sounds-in-progress. The music is by Ryan McCullough.

We have a long way to go in the sound department, but it's imperative to have the final dialogue perfect first, to complete the rest of the animation. There are a few lines that have been re-recorded since this video was made (including "Your fat makes you look fat!" and "Spilling your garbage out of every pore!"), but overall I love how they came out! Scott has a lot of range and energy that really fits well with Cyrus' character.

24 August 2011

Fate Saga Pilot Soundtrack WIP by Ryan McCollough

Music by Ryan McCullough

Most of the music for Fate Saga's pilot episode will be done in post-production by Ryan McCullough. Although the film isn't finished yet, about 1/3-1/4 of the pilot has completed animation, and most of the animation is kept together in sequence. Consequently, Ryan was able to put together some test sounds awhile back to see what it could sound like.

Needless to say (especially considering that this is the music you hear during the trailer and what we have done of the pilot episode thus far), I loved it. Ryan's music fits well stylistically with the series and, because it's done in post-production, synchronizes with the action on-screen fantastically. It really helps to emphasize the mood, and I felt like it deserved to be heard without all of the sound effects and voices on top of it.

23 August 2011

Cain Voice Audition by Ty Coyle

This is Ty Coyle's test for Cain Strata. Although the position of Cain's permanent voice actor is still open, I'm posting this test because Ty did a great job and I consider him to be a contender. His strongest areas were Cain's accent along with his self-righteous and chivalrous disposition. He was emotional without being too overdramatic, and chivalrous without being too patronizing. My favorite line is definitely the first one, so self-righteous!

The main concern is that his voice may be a little young and raspy for the role. However, overall the acting is very good and definitely worth keeping in consideration.

In fact, Ty tried out for many of the male cast, even those whose voice likely wouldn't fit - such as Drax because he's an old man, and Cyrus because he's too young and his voice isn't as deep. Admittedly I had asked him to so I could get an idea for what their speech patterns could sound like and he is a nice person who humored me. Ironically, this was how he ended up conquering the role of Lukas. I didn't know if Lukas was going to be a good fit, but Ty did a fantastic job with him! - In every instance the voice acting and speech patterns were very nicely done.

I may post other tests of his here in the future, even for characters who don't quite match, because the acting makes for a great reference. So I want to give a big kudos and thanks to Ty for his help and for letting me use these samples!

22 August 2011

Armand's Laboratory Environmental Concept: Cage Chamber

These concepts are connected to the previous set of Armand's laboratory concepts. This is the Cage Chamber room, where the victims and hostages are kept. The cages are various sizes to be able to fit everything from humans and elves, to were-wolves and even dragons. Monty did a great job with visualizing what a place like this could look like, keeping the convenience of the scientists, the inconvenience of the hostages and security of being able to keep their specimens trapped in mind.

The environment is still in conceptual development and any feedback would be great!

21 August 2011

Armand's Laboratory Environmental Art Concept: Main Lab 1 by Monty Bess

Armand's laboratory environmental concepts by Monty Bess

These are preliminary drafts of Armand's main laboratory area, by Monty Bess. This laboratory is connected to a series of other smaller labs, that are still in the concept design stage. But this one is the most important area, and the one that viewers would see the most of throughout the series.

We are still figuring out Fate Saga's level of technology, whether the illumination should be provided magically, through torches or through electricity. We are aiming for both aesthetics (it would be best if the villains could be lit in a way that emphasized their creepiness. Monty had suggested that they be underlit and thus we could have their light sources come from below. I am not opposed to the idea.) and for lighting that would make logical sense in their world.

Armand and his team are the most scientifically and technologically advanced, due to their support of experiments and science that is otherwise feared or shunned throughout the rest of the world. So it is okay for the laboratory to look a little alien in comparison to the rest of the environments. However, that being said we need to ensure that it still makes logical sense in that world, and that the aesthetics still have a link to the rest of the backgrounds.

Although nothing is yet finalized and we are still figuring things out, this was a great step towards visualizing Armand's laboratory. Any feedback would be helpful!

Feel free to check out other samples of Monty's environmental work on his website - http://www.montybess.com/

20 August 2011

Kickstarter Updates and Rori/Guile's Pre-Series Relationship

First off, we have some updates to the Kickstarter pitch, namely in the form of a FAQ. The FAQ may eventually be posted here as well in the future. For now, it can be found on the Kickstarter page - http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1603395204/fate-saga-the-animated-series-pilot?ref=live Please don't forget to spread the word!

As for the images above, these are possible concept sketches of Guile and Rori pre-the beginning of Fate Saga. When Guile and Rori first meet, Guile is 10 and Rori around 25 (in human years).

Rori herself looks pretty much the same except that she's not wearing the collar - she didn't have it yet. Guile as a kid is simply a younger, possibly even dumber version of himself - but before hormones kick in. So he is not yet the king of terrible pick-up lines. He earns that crown once he starts hitting puberty.

Guile is the one soft spot in Rori's cold heart. She's hardly nicer to him than she is to anyone else, but her intentions are more genuine. And although it can be hard to convince Rori to do anything she doesn't want to do or help in a battle she doesn't care to involve herself in - as soon as Guile's in real danger, she will step in and eliminate the threat.

How do they meet? You'll have to watch the series to find out.

19 August 2011

Bianca and Armand Dance

Armand and Bianca, the main villain and one of his apprentices, have a strange relationship. Despite its implications from this picture, it's not necessarily romantic.

Bianca wants Armand. Not necessarily loves him, not even necessarily sees a long term marital relationship with him. She simply wants him, much like she wants just about any man she comes into contact with. Usually her infatuations end poorly, when she is either rejected outright for her aggressive advances (and her affection turns to outright fury), or is accepted into a short-term relationship which ends even more disastrously once the object of her affections realizes how possessive and unreasonable Bianca is.

Luckily for Armand, he manages to be stoic enough to both humor her and keep his distance just enough to keep her loyalty (and save himself from her fury) without leading her to believe that they're in a relationship.

I'm not sure if this scene in particular would be in the series, but it gives a preview of what their interaction is like. Armand is humoring her and giving in (briefly) to her want to dance with him. But he's leading, and keeping her at bay (unlike any other man she would be dancing with). Bianca is satisfied enough, for now, and once they're done would be complacent to get back to whatever task he had assigned her to.

She's enjoying herself, but not in that blissful school girl happiness of someone blindly adoring/following her leader. Bianca's a woman who knows what she wants, even if she's unreasonable/selfish about it, and Armand gives her just enough to satisfy her for the moment without giving her room to take advantage. Armand doesn't really care for this break from his work, but he's not miserable or suffering. He's not necessarily leading her on, merely pacifying her.

18 August 2011

Malachi Sketches

These are some gesture and expression sketches of Malachi Maelstromm, the resident professor and psychic of the Duerian School of Gifted Youths. He teaches children (and sometimes adults) how to use their magical, psychic or other form of powers.

Malachi is a calm, gentle character. Even when he's angry, he never looks furious. Most of the time he's mellow and laid back, even in the face of fear and chaos. He's much older than he looks, and has the wisdom of someone who's seen just about everything before.

He's a minor character who comes and goes from the spotlight as needed, but spends most of the time in the background. However, despite being a minor character, he is an important one to the story and thus I wanted to practice sketching him.

17 August 2011

Guile Voice Audition (Cockney Version) by Casey Mongillo

Voiced by Casey Mongillo

By popular demand, I'm uploading the Cockney version of Guile's voice audition! I've gotten several suggestions to revisit the idea of keeping Guile to a Cockney accent, and to be honest I'm not opposed to it. Casey had done a great job with it, keeping it clear while still keeping as much of Guile's energy into it as possible. I figured the best way to determine which would be best would be to give you guys the chance to check it out and evaluate!

I appreciate your advice. If the Cockney version gets better reviews then that will be the direction I'll go!

Also, to all you sound-savvy people out there! I am experimenting with different codecs to get better sound quality. It's hard for me to really hear quality differences in sound the way you guys do. This video has a different codec than all of the ones I've uploaded thus far. Please let me know if you hear a difference (good or bad!) Once I've found the right codec, I will re-upload all of the previous auditions in that codec, to give better samples of our voice actors' fantastic work! Thank you so much!

Guile Voice Audition by Casey Mongillo

Voiced by Casey Mongillo

Guile has the odd position of being a character whose voice I can imagine clearly, and yet had some struggle figuring out his speech patterns. Fate Saga's original world is based with European influences, and I try to integrate that into the series as much as would fit. This also involved character's accents and speech patterns. Cain, for example, comes from a region that is based off of England, and thus I've always imagined him to have a British accent. Guile, on the other hand, I always pictured to have a more casual accent. During a very old version, it was a Southern drawl, but as the series developed and became more European-based, American regional accents no longer quite worked.

So, for awhile, we had been entertaining the idea of having Guile speak with a Cockney accent. We've had a lot of trials with it, with both benefits and detriments. The benefit was that it gave Guile a distinctive speech pattern and slang that really helped to make his personality stand out. However, Cockney is a difficult accent to emulate, and it's also hard for an American audience to understand, just because it's not one we're as familiar with. Also, it's hard to find a voice that can balance Guile's energy, the accent, and perfectly match the general sound of his voice. It's a lot to ask a voice actor to do.

Casey Mongillo did a fantastic job on both the Standard American and Cockney versions, but the American accent version has such great energy that it really made me giddy to listen. I also like how young and endearing Guile sounds here while still keeping the flaws of his character, and Casey also has the ability to deepen his voice (which is great addition in the long run, for a male character who is just about to hit puberty!) He was also nice enough to spend so much time trying different versions of Guile's voice, with varying degrees of energy and the different accents, to find just the right tone for him! More samples of his other work can be found on his website!

I also want to give a big thanks to Allison Rose, for her research and input on Guile's Cockney accent. She was the one who made me aware of the Cockney Rhyming slang, which although isn't featured in this audition, will very likely become integrated into Guile's speech pattern in the near future. Even with an American accent, the rhyming slang would still make for a very interesting character quirk that would give us a lot of wiggle room for some very fun dialogue!

16 August 2011

My Little Fate Saga Ponies

Cyrus, Larkspur, Rori and Cain as ponies, done by Ashley Sahler using GeneralZoi's Pony Creator on DeviantART - http://generalzoi.deviantart.com/art/MLP-FiM-Pony-Creator-Beta-210228500!

I love how their characteristics stand out - from Larkspur's sweet, big eyes and flowy hair/tail and Cain's serious face, dark complexion and red eyes, to Cyrus' scythe tail and crazy face and Rori's angry face and black/white markings! They're so cute!

Really, everything should be infected by ponies. Ponies make everything cuter!

Ashley Sahler is a fantastic actress who is currently behind the voices of Larkspur and Bianca, the kind hearted, flighty girl and seductive sorceress! Her demo reel can be found here!

15 August 2011

Fate Saga/Taffetas: Sleep

Despite what this image may look like, Fate Saga's Cyrus and Taffetas' Elena would never be attracted to each other and neither of them are, here. Elena's design and story have changed dramatically since this illustration was drawn over a year ago, but her overall need to be near strong men is still a dominant part of her personality.

As displayed in a previous post, Cyrus tends to avoid sleep as long as he can - and inevitably loses the battle against the Zz's in sometimes random or unintended places. In this drawing, Elena found Cyrus asleep and put his head in her lap in order to make him more comfortable (and, hopefully, like her more once he woke up.) To her chagrin, Cyrus won't love waking up to find himself being coddled by a stranger.

Luckily for her, though, Cyrus is sympathetic towards small, weak beings so he comes to see her almost like a small animal or child that he occasionally looks after.

Again, this is a relationship that doesn't exist in Fate Saga's or Taffetas' canon continuity. This is more along the lines of a 'what if' scenario, if both continuities were combined.

Feel free to check out Elena's updated bio and new design on The Taffetas' blog - http://www.thetaffetas.blogspot.com/

14 August 2011

Pilot Trailer Score by Ryan McCullough

Music by Ryan McCullough

This is the trailer's score, without any additional sound effects. It is a recomposition of the pilot's fight score, which will be posted on the blog at a later date. The pilot's score is in progress, and involves mostly the fight sequences because that is where we have the most animation done. Ryan is a post-production composer, in that he adds the music -after- the animation is complete, and synchronizes the music with the visuals. How he is able to make such amazing music match so tightly to the animation absolutely amazes me, and his style is perfect for Fate Saga. He is a great contribution to the team and a great pleasure to work with!

13 August 2011

Fate Saga Battle Theme by Spencer Bambrick

Music by Spencer Bambrick

This is an epic battle theme revision of Larkspur's theme, to be possibly used in a theme song or battle sequence in the series. I love the pretty interlude mixed with the heavier, fast paced music. Most likely we would only use bits and pieces for the theme song or battle sequence, but if a soundtrack for Fate Saga was ever released, the entire song would be on there!

Some possible character themes from Spencer and some of Ryan's fantastic music from the pilot's soundtrack coming soon!

12 August 2011

Kickstarter Postcard Line Art

This was the line art for the Fate Saga postcards, before they were colored. Cain's scar and Rori's markings are missing because, although they're always drawn in during the sketching stage, during inking it's usually easier to leave those details out and add them during the coloring phase. This is because the scar and markings don't have a black outline (they used to, during some of their old designs, but the details look much better and more natural without the black outlines).

The inking was done in Photoshop, using the brush tool, then vectorized in Illustrator in order to smooth out any shakiness in my hand and allow the speed and convenience of point-and-click coloring. The final postcard design is at 300dpi and double the size that a postcard normally is, so that I could 1) use it for posters, or any other unforeseen media. It's much easier to shrink the image than to enlarge it and 2) so I could zoom in closer for details, especially while painting the background, without so much pixelation hurting my eyes.

11 August 2011

Pilot Episode Trailer

This is the trailer to the pilot episode, which had been featured up at the top of the blog until recently. Currently the video is replaced with the Kickstarter video pitch, for the sake of promoting the fundraiser. Eventually, both videos will be available as part of the front page, but until that is set up, for anyone who is interested in seeing the pilot trailer, it will be available here.

The pilot episode is set to be 5 minutes long, and is a preview for what would be expected from the rest of the series in terms of visual and music style, tone and storytelling. The plot focuses on Cain and Cyrus' rivalry, with brief cameos from the rest of the main cast.

Larkspur Pitch Illustration

This was Larkspur's pitch illustration for both the Fate Saga pitch book and the poster used during the presentation to Warner Brothers. Each of the illustrations is meant to have parts that disappear within the borders - which is why Larkspur's arm suddenly cuts off - and other parts, such as her other arm and hair, which break through the borders.

10 August 2011

Lukas Model Sheet Rough Sketches

There were a batch of rough sketches I've rendered out for Lukas, in preparation for his model sheets. The model sheets haven't yet been started, but they will involve rendering out the best of these sketches, fixing any mistakes and adding any new drawings as needed. The information will also be better organized, and the details typed out (which will be easier to read than my handwriting. So consider this a preview for what will be coming in the future!

09 August 2011

Cyrus VA Test by Scott Smith

Voice acting by Scott Smith

This was Scott's test for Cyrus. What is really successful about this test is that it has the same young man voice that Cyrus has in the pilot, but also has a great deal of vocal range (from falsetto to nearly baritone which really helps to emphasize his emotion) and contains such energy. Scott also does a great job with changing the tone or emotion in his voice within a word, which is an excellent match for a crazy character like Cyrus.

He's such a great match that I don't think a better voice for Cyrus could be found. Anyone is welcome to try for Cyrus if they'd like to, but I'm not going to actively search for anyone else. Great job!

08 August 2011

Larkspur's Theme, by Spencer Bambrick

Music by Spencer Bambrick

I've always imagined Fate Saga to have a strong music theme behind it - even if the series isn't a musical, or about music, that the sound was an integral part of Fate Saga's production. So when I started looking for composers, I started the search very early in the development because I felt that finding the right one was incredibly important. Larkspur, the main heroine of the series, is a musician and I felt it was imperative that the music played a vital role both in her character and as a reflection of the story.

I have been very lucky to find not one, but two fantastic composers - Ryan McCullough and Spencer Bambrick. Ryan is the composer behind the trailer's music, and most of the music you hear in the pilot (and, eventually, the series) - regular scenes, fights, emotional scenes. Spencer is the musician behind Larkspur, who will be handling character themes, theme songs and the like.

This is Spencer's song for the music Larkspur is working on throughout the first season (which we're just titling "Larkspur's Theme" for now. The voice in the song is synthesized for the sake of the test, but will later be replaced by Larkspur's actual voice.

07 August 2011

Fate Saga Sticker Design Sketches

For future anime conventions and merchandising, I am currently designing a Fate Saga sticker set. These are some of my favorites of the rough sketches so far, and the ones most likely to be completed. From left to right, top to bottom: Cyrus, Seiron, Rori (Human form), Cain, Bianca and Drax.

Shot 013: Roughs

Roughs by Reed Gauthier. Background model by Amy Galletta.

This is an early version of shot 13. The background is not composited into the scene. Instead, the background model was exported as an image and placed in the Flash file so that Reed and any other animators who insert bystanders into this scene will be able to place them correctly. However, the background would be removed once the animation was complete, and the characters would be exported separately to be later recombined in After Effects.

In terms of the animation, I absolutely love how Reed animated the bystander that Cain accidentally scares. It's a small bit of comedy in a scene that is otherwise dramatic, and I think it shows through well. This scene also needs other bystanders, the shopkeepers Cain is talking to at the beginning of the shot, as well as the cat. Overall, this is one of the most intensive (in terms of workload) long shots in the film, because this is the viewer's first glimpse into Duero and into the town/world Cain is integrated in.

05 August 2011

Fate Saga is Now Launched on Kickstarter!


Click on the image of Cain above, or the link right below him, to reach the Kickstarter page!

Fate Saga has just launched on Kickstarter! It will end at 3:40PM on Tuesday, October 4. Between now and then, $11,000 must be raised in order for the funding project to be successful. This is where we need you!

Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell your neighbors, your neighbor's friends and even complete strangers! If you or anyone you know would like to see Fate Saga pilot - and, possibly, the series - launch, this is the time where you can personally help set one of the most important milestones in Fate Saga's future! For your contribution, we are offering exclusive rewards including signed postcards, posters, prints, special edition DVD, t-shirt and tutorials!

These next 60 days are going to involve some major updates to the blog! Expect to see exciting updates more frequently, both in regards to Kickstarter's progress, and some valuable contributions from Fate Saga's staff!

Fate Saga Now Has a Channel on YouTube!


Fate Saga now has a channel on YouTube, featuring animations, trailers, voice auditions and animation tests. While it won't have every video that has ever been featured here on the blog (such as works-in-progress), it will have the major videos and voice auditions! Throughout the next few weeks, YouTube will be updated with other videos featured on the blog. Once it's caught up, it will update with a new video as soon as the blog does!

Feel free to subscribe or friend Fate Saga on YouTube!

04 August 2011

The Consensus is: She Got Nice Badonka Donk!

This was a gift art drawn about two years ago by the amazingly talented Tracy MacLauchlan, of The Taffetas' Wolf and Fate Saga's Guile scoping out girls. Both of them are lecherous, though Wolf's quite a bit more successful about it than Guile is. Then again, no one could be less successful than Guile is. We figured that, should the two ever meet, they would have a rad bromance and spend much of their time hitting on ladies, stealing and eating Cheetos.

Both Wolf's and Guile's designs have changed since this artwork was done, but they should both still be recognizable. More information about Wolf and the other characters from The Taffetas can be found on the blog!

02 August 2011

Fate Saga/Machinema: Book Buddies

Fate Saga's Cyrus Grimm and Machinema's Alex enjoying a book together! Cyrus is mostly illiterate, and Alex is 8 years old, so perhaps they're learning to read together? Alex can probably read better than Cyrus can because she's so smart (she's a freaking mechanic! Girl's got some brains!) and she had education before she ran off with Rafe. Cyrus is also intelligent, but never had any education at all (except what little he's been shown and what he's taught himself).

Cyrus likes children. Often, his big brother mode comes out around them - as long as they're mature enough that their personalities are able to connect. Really immature children throwing tantrums are too much for Cyrus to handle.

Alex belongs to Megan Miller. More information about her and Machinema can be found on her blog.