31 August 2011

20 Facts About Cain

20 facts about Cain

1. Cain is sexist
Although honorable and chivalrous, Cain's gentle treatment of women comes from an innate feeling that women are weak and in need of protection. He prefers never to fight a woman and doesn't tend to take a female enemy seriously. On the other hand, he has unrealistic expectations for how men should behave. He believes they should be strong, noble and treat women gently. This taints the way he reacts to certain events. If he sees a woman abusing a man, Cain would consider the man weak for not standing up for himself. However, if he sees a man abusing a woman, he will beat up the man. His sexist views often put him at odds with Rori, who is very fiercely independent and sees Cain as chauvinistic.

2. He has a black and white view of the world
Cain has a strong belief in how things should be, and he expects the world to abide by it. Men and women are expected to act a certain way, everyone should be noble and polite. Knights, soldiers, militia are meant to be pure and good, while anyone who does bad deeds (stealing, murder) are immediately evil regardless of the motivation. His self-righteous attitude often puts him at odds with morally neutral/grey area characters because Cain has no trouble lecturing them about the errors of their ways without listening to their situation.

3. Cain is an introvert
Although Cain was raised to be able to conduct himself well in public and to be able to hold conversations, he is generally shy and prefers not to talk a lot if he doesn't have to. He doesn't prefer to participate in parties or social gatherings.

4. He is shy and awkward around women he finds attractive.
Cain fails at flirting. Terribly. Any attempt to sweet talk a woman tends to come across as awkward and sometimes creepy because he will just grow silent and hover around - wanting to talk to the girl but not knowing what to say. The fact that he's huge and wears a cowl that conceals part of his face doesn't help.

5. Cain is very self conscious about his body
He has a lot of scars, many from the same terrible event that caused the scar on his face. While some men show off their scars and consider them to be cool, Cain is ashamed of his because he considers them signs of mistakes and failures. So he is almost always fully covered up, even during the summer.

6. Cain's mother was psychic, with the same future sight ability he has.
The people of Kantarok were very superstitious of magic, psychic ability or anything they deemed unnatural. As a result, Cain's mother hid her psychic power and ignored her visions to avoid being called a witch. However, she supported Cain in letting him decide for himself what he wanted to do.

7. Cain falls in love with Larkspur the first time he hears her sing.
What drew Cain to Larkspur was when he first hears her voice. He finds her physically attractive, but it's her voice that really ensnares him. Cain comes to the Crystalin every night that Larkspur is there just to watch her sing - which ends up creeping her out.

8. Cain is Catholic
He was a paladin of Kantarok, a very religious and superstitious small kingdom. He believes his visions to be a holy calling to stop events that aren't meant to happen.

9. He has a phobia of dragons
Due to a traumatic event involving a dragon when he was younger, Cain has a phobia of dragons. However, Cain is too righteous and noble to run away from a battle. So if he is faced with a dragon, he will simply freeze stiff - unable to rush forward and fight but unwilling to run away.

10. Cain has BO
Because he lives outside most of the time without regular access to running water, and often engages in activities that often involve sweating (fighting and saving lives does that kind of thing), Cain at times has an odor. Man stink. Body cheese.

11. He tends to take a fatherly disposition towards anyone who he sees going down the wrong path, but isn't evil
For characters like Guile, Rori and others, who do bad things but aren't bad people, Cain makes a point to try and 'show them the right way'. He does this by patronizing them. Some who are looking for guidance, like Guile, respond well or are otherwise appreciative of Cain's fatherly concern. Others, like Rori, want him to mind his own darn business.

12. Cain is a good ballroom dancer
Due to his chivalry and etiquette training as a knight of Kantarok, Cain learned some of the nobleman traits such as ballroom dancing. He is very good at any dance that requires the dancer to be stiff and masculine. Any booty shaking involved and it's over.

13. He has an excessive sense of responsibility
Cain takes the burden of the world on his shoulders. He expects a lot from others, but expects an exceeding amount of himself. Cain will blame himself for events that are beyond his control, and tends to avoid letting anyone else help with missions and burdens he feels should be his alone to bear. However, at times he can break under the weight of it.

14. Cain is my third oldest character
Cain, Guile and Rori are my three oldest which still made it into the final story, Guile being the oldest, Rori a close second, and Cain third. Cain's original name was Jake, and his original story changed multiple times throughout the course of many years, but always included that one major event that changed the course of his life and set him off to a path of helping/saving people. I used to have a different character named Cain, but when he was written out of the story, I took the name and gave it to Jake.

15. Cain doesn't believe in revenge, but he does hold a grudge
He believes in forgiving and forgetting, and will preach it. However, he can't help but feel a grudge towards those who've wronged him. As a result, he may save an enemy in battle out of knightly obligation and in the sake of "It's the right thing to do." However, he will almost always regard that enemy as depraved and villainous, and will be suspicious of their intentions even if they're turning a new leaf. Overall, he is aware of his judgmental attitude and will try to hide it/give the benefit of the doubt as much as he can.

16. He will bottle up and hold back his anger, but then explode once he loses his temper
Cain is adept with keeping his emotions in check, and will hide his frustration and worry. He can come across as calm and rational even in intensive situations. However, once he's reached his limit and loses his temper, he can snap and briefly go into a rage. Cain can regain control of his temper quickly afterwards, usually before he does anything he'd regret or go too far.

17. He doesn't want to be leader, but often takes a leadership role out of obligation
Cain doesn't like to work in groups and prefers to work alone, however his sense of responsibility always compels him to take the lead if there does happen to be anyone else involved. It is not that he feels himself to be a great leader, but because he doesn't tend to trust anyone else to do the job and Cain would feel responsible if anyone got hurt during the mission whether he was leader or not.

18. Cain is good at taking orders
Although he tends to try and take a leadership role, if he is in a position where another leader is established, even if he doesn't like or trust the leader, he will still listen and follow orders as to not cause problems for his team. Especially if his knighthood is called into question.

19. He is very sensitive to any mention of Kantarok or any jabs against him as a knight
Kantarok's destruction leaves Cain as a knight without a country, which is the worst failure. Because he doesn't have a kingdom to protect, some don't consider Cain to be a knight at all, anymore. However, he clings to that title and continues to use it. If he is called out as a failure or belittled as a knight, he will get angry and take it to heart much more than he should.

20. Cain is altruistic
He is very concerned with the welfare and happiness of others, and always puts them above his own. Cain will be the first to help a stranger in need, and give everything he can for the greater good. He does this partially because he feels that is how a knight should be, and also out of guilt for past failures.


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