21 August 2011

Armand's Laboratory Environmental Art Concept: Main Lab 1 by Monty Bess

Armand's laboratory environmental concepts by Monty Bess

These are preliminary drafts of Armand's main laboratory area, by Monty Bess. This laboratory is connected to a series of other smaller labs, that are still in the concept design stage. But this one is the most important area, and the one that viewers would see the most of throughout the series.

We are still figuring out Fate Saga's level of technology, whether the illumination should be provided magically, through torches or through electricity. We are aiming for both aesthetics (it would be best if the villains could be lit in a way that emphasized their creepiness. Monty had suggested that they be underlit and thus we could have their light sources come from below. I am not opposed to the idea.) and for lighting that would make logical sense in their world.

Armand and his team are the most scientifically and technologically advanced, due to their support of experiments and science that is otherwise feared or shunned throughout the rest of the world. So it is okay for the laboratory to look a little alien in comparison to the rest of the environments. However, that being said we need to ensure that it still makes logical sense in that world, and that the aesthetics still have a link to the rest of the backgrounds.

Although nothing is yet finalized and we are still figuring things out, this was a great step towards visualizing Armand's laboratory. Any feedback would be helpful!

Feel free to check out other samples of Monty's environmental work on his website - http://www.montybess.com/


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