19 August 2011

Bianca and Armand Dance

Armand and Bianca, the main villain and one of his apprentices, have a strange relationship. Despite its implications from this picture, it's not necessarily romantic.

Bianca wants Armand. Not necessarily loves him, not even necessarily sees a long term marital relationship with him. She simply wants him, much like she wants just about any man she comes into contact with. Usually her infatuations end poorly, when she is either rejected outright for her aggressive advances (and her affection turns to outright fury), or is accepted into a short-term relationship which ends even more disastrously once the object of her affections realizes how possessive and unreasonable Bianca is.

Luckily for Armand, he manages to be stoic enough to both humor her and keep his distance just enough to keep her loyalty (and save himself from her fury) without leading her to believe that they're in a relationship.

I'm not sure if this scene in particular would be in the series, but it gives a preview of what their interaction is like. Armand is humoring her and giving in (briefly) to her want to dance with him. But he's leading, and keeping her at bay (unlike any other man she would be dancing with). Bianca is satisfied enough, for now, and once they're done would be complacent to get back to whatever task he had assigned her to.

She's enjoying herself, but not in that blissful school girl happiness of someone blindly adoring/following her leader. Bianca's a woman who knows what she wants, even if she's unreasonable/selfish about it, and Armand gives her just enough to satisfy her for the moment without giving her room to take advantage. Armand doesn't really care for this break from his work, but he's not miserable or suffering. He's not necessarily leading her on, merely pacifying her.


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