23 August 2011

Cain Voice Audition by Ty Coyle

This is Ty Coyle's test for Cain Strata. Although the position of Cain's permanent voice actor is still open, I'm posting this test because Ty did a great job and I consider him to be a contender. His strongest areas were Cain's accent along with his self-righteous and chivalrous disposition. He was emotional without being too overdramatic, and chivalrous without being too patronizing. My favorite line is definitely the first one, so self-righteous!

The main concern is that his voice may be a little young and raspy for the role. However, overall the acting is very good and definitely worth keeping in consideration.

In fact, Ty tried out for many of the male cast, even those whose voice likely wouldn't fit - such as Drax because he's an old man, and Cyrus because he's too young and his voice isn't as deep. Admittedly I had asked him to so I could get an idea for what their speech patterns could sound like and he is a nice person who humored me. Ironically, this was how he ended up conquering the role of Lukas. I didn't know if Lukas was going to be a good fit, but Ty did a fantastic job with him! - In every instance the voice acting and speech patterns were very nicely done.

I may post other tests of his here in the future, even for characters who don't quite match, because the acting makes for a great reference. So I want to give a big kudos and thanks to Ty for his help and for letting me use these samples!


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