25 August 2011

Cyrus Pilot Clips ReVoiced

Cyrus voiced by Scott Smith
Cain voiced by Orlando Aviles
Storyboards by Dana Corrigan

Recently, Scott Smith tried for the part for Cyrus in the series. His voice test for Cyrus came out so well that we tried to see how it would sound if Scott re-recorded the voices for the pilot episode. This was made possible because Scott had his own recording equipment, and was kind enough to put in the time to do it.

These are the voices integrated into the pilot. This is not all of Cyrus' lines, but a good portion of them. All sound other than the dialogue are either temp sounds, or the final sounds-in-progress. The music is by Ryan McCullough.

We have a long way to go in the sound department, but it's imperative to have the final dialogue perfect first, to complete the rest of the animation. There are a few lines that have been re-recorded since this video was made (including "Your fat makes you look fat!" and "Spilling your garbage out of every pore!"), but overall I love how they came out! Scott has a lot of range and energy that really fits well with Cyrus' character.


Scott's voice really fits well with Cyrus' character. Especially when he throws his frustration at random people while looking for his cat.

I couldn't stop laughing at how he insulted that woman. "Your fat makes you look fat!" XD

Thanks for the kind words of approval Kevin, it means a lot to me that my first role has been so well received! It also helps that my first role is such a great character to play! I <3 that scythe wielding psycho!

Aww you guys are so nice! Thank you so much for your kind words, Kevin! Scott, you indeed did an awesome job and thank you so much for your kind words as well!

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