05 August 2011

Fate Saga is Now Launched on Kickstarter!


Click on the image of Cain above, or the link right below him, to reach the Kickstarter page!

Fate Saga has just launched on Kickstarter! It will end at 3:40PM on Tuesday, October 4. Between now and then, $11,000 must be raised in order for the funding project to be successful. This is where we need you!

Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell your neighbors, your neighbor's friends and even complete strangers! If you or anyone you know would like to see Fate Saga pilot - and, possibly, the series - launch, this is the time where you can personally help set one of the most important milestones in Fate Saga's future! For your contribution, we are offering exclusive rewards including signed postcards, posters, prints, special edition DVD, t-shirt and tutorials!

These next 60 days are going to involve some major updates to the blog! Expect to see exciting updates more frequently, both in regards to Kickstarter's progress, and some valuable contributions from Fate Saga's staff!


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