24 August 2011

Fate Saga Pilot Soundtrack WIP by Ryan McCollough

Music by Ryan McCullough

Most of the music for Fate Saga's pilot episode will be done in post-production by Ryan McCullough. Although the film isn't finished yet, about 1/3-1/4 of the pilot has completed animation, and most of the animation is kept together in sequence. Consequently, Ryan was able to put together some test sounds awhile back to see what it could sound like.

Needless to say (especially considering that this is the music you hear during the trailer and what we have done of the pilot episode thus far), I loved it. Ryan's music fits well stylistically with the series and, because it's done in post-production, synchronizes with the action on-screen fantastically. It really helps to emphasize the mood, and I felt like it deserved to be heard without all of the sound effects and voices on top of it.


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