02 August 2011

Fate Saga/Machinema: Book Buddies

Fate Saga's Cyrus Grimm and Machinema's Alex enjoying a book together! Cyrus is mostly illiterate, and Alex is 8 years old, so perhaps they're learning to read together? Alex can probably read better than Cyrus can because she's so smart (she's a freaking mechanic! Girl's got some brains!) and she had education before she ran off with Rafe. Cyrus is also intelligent, but never had any education at all (except what little he's been shown and what he's taught himself).

Cyrus likes children. Often, his big brother mode comes out around them - as long as they're mature enough that their personalities are able to connect. Really immature children throwing tantrums are too much for Cyrus to handle.

Alex belongs to Megan Miller. More information about her and Machinema can be found on her blog.


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