15 August 2011

Fate Saga/Taffetas: Sleep

Despite what this image may look like, Fate Saga's Cyrus and Taffetas' Elena would never be attracted to each other and neither of them are, here. Elena's design and story have changed dramatically since this illustration was drawn over a year ago, but her overall need to be near strong men is still a dominant part of her personality.

As displayed in a previous post, Cyrus tends to avoid sleep as long as he can - and inevitably loses the battle against the Zz's in sometimes random or unintended places. In this drawing, Elena found Cyrus asleep and put his head in her lap in order to make him more comfortable (and, hopefully, like her more once he woke up.) To her chagrin, Cyrus won't love waking up to find himself being coddled by a stranger.

Luckily for her, though, Cyrus is sympathetic towards small, weak beings so he comes to see her almost like a small animal or child that he occasionally looks after.

Again, this is a relationship that doesn't exist in Fate Saga's or Taffetas' canon continuity. This is more along the lines of a 'what if' scenario, if both continuities were combined.

Feel free to check out Elena's updated bio and new design on The Taffetas' blog - http://www.thetaffetas.blogspot.com/


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