17 August 2011

Guile Voice Audition by Casey Mongillo

Voiced by Casey Mongillo

Guile has the odd position of being a character whose voice I can imagine clearly, and yet had some struggle figuring out his speech patterns. Fate Saga's original world is based with European influences, and I try to integrate that into the series as much as would fit. This also involved character's accents and speech patterns. Cain, for example, comes from a region that is based off of England, and thus I've always imagined him to have a British accent. Guile, on the other hand, I always pictured to have a more casual accent. During a very old version, it was a Southern drawl, but as the series developed and became more European-based, American regional accents no longer quite worked.

So, for awhile, we had been entertaining the idea of having Guile speak with a Cockney accent. We've had a lot of trials with it, with both benefits and detriments. The benefit was that it gave Guile a distinctive speech pattern and slang that really helped to make his personality stand out. However, Cockney is a difficult accent to emulate, and it's also hard for an American audience to understand, just because it's not one we're as familiar with. Also, it's hard to find a voice that can balance Guile's energy, the accent, and perfectly match the general sound of his voice. It's a lot to ask a voice actor to do.

Casey Mongillo did a fantastic job on both the Standard American and Cockney versions, but the American accent version has such great energy that it really made me giddy to listen. I also like how young and endearing Guile sounds here while still keeping the flaws of his character, and Casey also has the ability to deepen his voice (which is great addition in the long run, for a male character who is just about to hit puberty!) He was also nice enough to spend so much time trying different versions of Guile's voice, with varying degrees of energy and the different accents, to find just the right tone for him! More samples of his other work can be found on his website!

I also want to give a big thanks to Allison Rose, for her research and input on Guile's Cockney accent. She was the one who made me aware of the Cockney Rhyming slang, which although isn't featured in this audition, will very likely become integrated into Guile's speech pattern in the near future. Even with an American accent, the rhyming slang would still make for a very interesting character quirk that would give us a lot of wiggle room for some very fun dialogue!


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