17 August 2011

Guile Voice Audition (Cockney Version) by Casey Mongillo

Voiced by Casey Mongillo

By popular demand, I'm uploading the Cockney version of Guile's voice audition! I've gotten several suggestions to revisit the idea of keeping Guile to a Cockney accent, and to be honest I'm not opposed to it. Casey had done a great job with it, keeping it clear while still keeping as much of Guile's energy into it as possible. I figured the best way to determine which would be best would be to give you guys the chance to check it out and evaluate!

I appreciate your advice. If the Cockney version gets better reviews then that will be the direction I'll go!

Also, to all you sound-savvy people out there! I am experimenting with different codecs to get better sound quality. It's hard for me to really hear quality differences in sound the way you guys do. This video has a different codec than all of the ones I've uploaded thus far. Please let me know if you hear a difference (good or bad!) Once I've found the right codec, I will re-upload all of the previous auditions in that codec, to give better samples of our voice actors' fantastic work! Thank you so much!


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