12 August 2011

Kickstarter Postcard Line Art

This was the line art for the Fate Saga postcards, before they were colored. Cain's scar and Rori's markings are missing because, although they're always drawn in during the sketching stage, during inking it's usually easier to leave those details out and add them during the coloring phase. This is because the scar and markings don't have a black outline (they used to, during some of their old designs, but the details look much better and more natural without the black outlines).

The inking was done in Photoshop, using the brush tool, then vectorized in Illustrator in order to smooth out any shakiness in my hand and allow the speed and convenience of point-and-click coloring. The final postcard design is at 300dpi and double the size that a postcard normally is, so that I could 1) use it for posters, or any other unforeseen media. It's much easier to shrink the image than to enlarge it and 2) so I could zoom in closer for details, especially while painting the background, without so much pixelation hurting my eyes.


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