20 August 2011

Kickstarter Updates and Rori/Guile's Pre-Series Relationship

First off, we have some updates to the Kickstarter pitch, namely in the form of a FAQ. The FAQ may eventually be posted here as well in the future. For now, it can be found on the Kickstarter page - http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1603395204/fate-saga-the-animated-series-pilot?ref=live Please don't forget to spread the word!

As for the images above, these are possible concept sketches of Guile and Rori pre-the beginning of Fate Saga. When Guile and Rori first meet, Guile is 10 and Rori around 25 (in human years).

Rori herself looks pretty much the same except that she's not wearing the collar - she didn't have it yet. Guile as a kid is simply a younger, possibly even dumber version of himself - but before hormones kick in. So he is not yet the king of terrible pick-up lines. He earns that crown once he starts hitting puberty.

Guile is the one soft spot in Rori's cold heart. She's hardly nicer to him than she is to anyone else, but her intentions are more genuine. And although it can be hard to convince Rori to do anything she doesn't want to do or help in a battle she doesn't care to involve herself in - as soon as Guile's in real danger, she will step in and eliminate the threat.

How do they meet? You'll have to watch the series to find out.


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