08 August 2011

Larkspur's Theme, by Spencer Bambrick

Music by Spencer Bambrick

I've always imagined Fate Saga to have a strong music theme behind it - even if the series isn't a musical, or about music, that the sound was an integral part of Fate Saga's production. So when I started looking for composers, I started the search very early in the development because I felt that finding the right one was incredibly important. Larkspur, the main heroine of the series, is a musician and I felt it was imperative that the music played a vital role both in her character and as a reflection of the story.

I have been very lucky to find not one, but two fantastic composers - Ryan McCullough and Spencer Bambrick. Ryan is the composer behind the trailer's music, and most of the music you hear in the pilot (and, eventually, the series) - regular scenes, fights, emotional scenes. Spencer is the musician behind Larkspur, who will be handling character themes, theme songs and the like.

This is Spencer's song for the music Larkspur is working on throughout the first season (which we're just titling "Larkspur's Theme" for now. The voice in the song is synthesized for the sake of the test, but will later be replaced by Larkspur's actual voice.


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