07 August 2011

Shot 013: Roughs

Roughs by Reed Gauthier. Background model by Amy Galletta.

This is an early version of shot 13. The background is not composited into the scene. Instead, the background model was exported as an image and placed in the Flash file so that Reed and any other animators who insert bystanders into this scene will be able to place them correctly. However, the background would be removed once the animation was complete, and the characters would be exported separately to be later recombined in After Effects.

In terms of the animation, I absolutely love how Reed animated the bystander that Cain accidentally scares. It's a small bit of comedy in a scene that is otherwise dramatic, and I think it shows through well. This scene also needs other bystanders, the shopkeepers Cain is talking to at the beginning of the shot, as well as the cat. Overall, this is one of the most intensive (in terms of workload) long shots in the film, because this is the viewer's first glimpse into Duero and into the town/world Cain is integrated in.


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