18 September 2011

10 Facts About Armand

10 facts about Armand

1. Armand is a doctor
Although Armand is a scientist who conducts experiments, his actual job is that of a doctor. Fate Saga takes place in a medieval world with similar superstitions and fear regarding science and biology as what existed in Europe during the Middle Ages. Thus, Armand's only patients are usually those who don't care about superstitions/don't worry about other's judgment or people who are too desperate to care.

2. He is nearly blind
Without Armand's characteristically thick glasses, he would be considered legally blind by modern standards. Luckily, with his glasses, he is able to see almost like normal.

3. Armand is an introvert
He doesn't care to socialize and can be annoyed/overwhelmed if surrounded by too many people at once. Armand would prefer to be alone, and seeks solitude when he can. He deals with his teammates and subordinates because he needs them in order to get the job done, and socializes with them just enough to appease them.

4. He can conduct himself well in public.
Despite being an introvert and not someone who often goes out, Armand is nonetheless able to talk business and strategy with people. He was trained from a young age how to conduct himself - though he was never able to make himself seem friendly, and no longer tries to. Others find him dry and mildly scary in his apathy, but nonetheless intelligent and able to hold a conversation so long as it pertained to business.

5. Armand's fighting style is reactive.
He is a skinny man against a bunch of beefy, sword wielding, scythe wielding, sharp teethed, acrobatic warriors with powers. That man is not about to go in swinging like Mohammed Ali. Armand prefers to stay out of the fighting altogether. But if he's confronted and forced to fight, Armand is purely defensive and relies on counterattacks. He's also not about to pull a Dr. Wily and come down on monsters/space ships/mechas. That's what his henchmen are for.

6. He is a Nihilist.
He doesn't believe in the existence of morality, the believability of superstition or even the sincerity of emotions. Armand sees everything from a scientific standpoint, and believes that everything has a reasonable explanation. Thus, nothing to him holds mystery or value. Nearly everything is disposable.

7. Armand keeps a journal
He keeps a journal that is partially a medical journal and partially a regular journal, which he uses to chronicle the results of his scientific experiments, jot down his thoughts and his research.

8. He is asexual
Armand humors Bianca by putting up with her advances, but he has no sexual interest in her or anyone else. He is too involved with his work and research to even look at anyone romantically.

9. Armand's laboratory is technologically ahead of the rest of the world
Because Armand doesn't fear science, and surrounds himself with others who are equally intelligent and passionate about technology, alchemy and biology, they are able to create a laboratory that is far more advanced than anything else available in that world.

10. Armand has no powers.
As opposed to most of his comrades and enemies, who are psychic, lycanths, magical, clerical or have other forms of special abilities, Armand has no more powers than any normal human. However, Armand's scientific knowledge makes him a better doctor than most clerics, because he has a better understanding of how the body works and can surpass the limitations of magical healing by fixing the problems mechanically.


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