12 September 2011

20 Facts About Cyrus

20 facts about Cyrus

1. Cyrus was inspired by Sanders from Gundam 8th MS Team
Cyrus was created in 2001, while I was watching Gundam 8th MS Team. Sanders is a character who was given the nickname "Grim Reaper" because any team he had so many missions with (I think it was every 3 missions) would get wiped out and he would be the only survivor. It was always just bad luck, and Sanders hated the title. I came up with the question "What if someone had a nickname like that and enjoyed it?" Suddenly, the name "Cyrus Grimm" came to mind, and of course he had to wield a scythe. But at the time he was first created, Cyrus was intended to be a temporary, brutal villain. He has changed a great deal during the 10 years he was created, from a cold and bloodthirsty villain, to a sympathetic psuedo-villain.

2. Cyrus has Empathy
Cyrus can feel the emotions of others around him as if they were his own. They tend to either conflict or magnify his true emotions. Sometimes, he can get overwhelmed from the other emotions to the point that they will take over his own - such as a mob mentality. On the other hand, if Cyrus is freaking out and he's with someone who's calm, the opposite can happen and the other person's emotions can stabilize his own. This is why Cyrus prefers to stay near calm and happy people. Also, as a result of his empathic abilities, he is like a walking lie detector. He can tell right away if someone is lying, for the same reason a lie detector can. However, like a lie detector, Cyrus can also be duped by extremely good liars.

3. Cyrus has no social skills
Raised in isolation, Cyrus has no idea how he is expected to behave in public, nor does he know how the real world works. He doesn't understand economy, money or, most of all, etiquette.

4. He can't read phonetically.
Not only had Cyrus been raised in isolation, but he was also denied any form of formal education. As a result, he lacks any of the common knowledge most people take for granted, such as reading. Cyrus knows a few words simply because he's seen them before, but he lacks the ability to break down the words into their letters and sound them out. It's a fact he is ashamed of because it's a basic skill everyone has that he doesn't, and it singles him out as being dumb. Consequently, he won't admit to it unless he's called out on it, and even then he'll get angry and defensive.

5. Despite having a lack of formal education, Cyrus is highly intelligent
Cyrus is often mistaken to be slow or lacking in intelligence due to his lack of education and his childish frustration when he struggles with something intellectually. However, he is very smart and is able to pick up new skills quickly once he gets past his initial frustration and really tries. He is also excellent with math and can calculate complex problems in his head very quickly, but he couldn't explain how he'd know the answer.

6. Cyrus was the youngest of four children.
He has two brothers and a sister, though two are dead and the one who is alive Cyrus refuses to speak to.

7. His tendency to wear women's clothing has nothing to do with crossdressing.
Cyrus will sometimes wear women's clothes, but it never has to do with him thinking he's a woman, or wanting to be a woman, or even thinking that they make him pretty in any way. It has everything to do with the feeling of the material. Cyrus likes soft material and drapery that tends to cover most of his body, such as robes, skirts and dresses, and he has no concept that some clothes are meant for men and other are meant for women. Thus, even when he wears women's clothes, he never wears women's accessories or does anything to make himself look feminine. He'll just look like a guy in a dress.

8. Cyrus wears his heart on his sleeve...whether he wants to or not
He has the emotional maturity of a young child. When he's happy, he's ecstatic. If he's sad, he'll cry. If he's angry, he'll throw a tantrum. If he's afraid, he's terrified. He can't control himself even if he knows he's being irrational. If he's upset, he'll often pull up his hood so that the shadows cover his face and people can't see his expression. However, he only pulls up his hood if he doesn't feel well, so anyone who knows him would instantly know something's wrong even if Cyrus wasn't facing them. And then Cyrus wonders how everyone knows how he's feeling even when he's hiding it.

9. He sews his clothes and makes his own weapons
While Cyrus was a young teenager, he spent a short period in foster care under a farmer and his wife. They were extremely poor, but kind, and had to make everything they needed themselves because they couldn't afford to buy anything. While there, Cyrus learned the basics of sewing, leather working and blacksmithing from them, and after he left he developed those traits further to design all of his own clothes and tools.

10. Cyrus has PTSD
While growing up, Cyrus spent most of his life in constant fear for his safety and survival, and the anxiety follows him even as an adult. He's illogical and unreasonable, and the steps he takes to feel safer tend to be childish and don't actually protect him in the long run. For example, if he's upset or frightened, he'll pull up his hood in order to 'hide'.

11. He has a phobia of doctors, medicine, surgical instruments, anything that is too sterile or has a smell of sterilization, and excessively white clothes
Cyrus is terrified of laboratories, and thus anything that could remind him of one. If he sees anything that too closely resembles anything from a laboratory - such as a cup that looks too close to a beaker - he will panic and immediately destroy it. This also includes anyone who happens to wear too much white - Cyrus will instantly attack the person in a fit of panic. His phobia can be a real problem when he actually does need medical intervention, such as if he's injured, is sick or even just needs a regular check up or dental work.

12. Cyrus is irrational
Although he is highly intelligent, Cyrus has a child's logic. If he's afraid, upset or angry about something, appealing to his logic will get you nowhere. One would get farther by appealing to his emotions and even nonsensical logic.

13. He laughs when he's nervous, manic, sadistic or upset, but never when he's genuinely happy
When he's actually happy, he tends to be more quiet and will just calmly work on something creative, like sewing or blacksmithing. He also enjoys being read to, or reading by himself if/once he learns to.

14. Cyrus is very genuine
He is a man nearly incapable of ulterior motives - and even when he has them he'd say so right away. He seldom lies, and when he does they're lame to the point of transparent. Although he can be rude and childish, he is also incredibly sincere in every thing he does and everything he says.

15. He is impulsive
Cyrus is nearly physically incapable of controlling his impulses. It is partially due to immaturity, and partially as a mental defect caused by an event that occurred when he was a boy which resulted in the scar he has on top of his head.

16. His conscious and subconscious are merged together
As a result, his imagination is incredibly vivid but if he's sick, tired or too stressed out it can get out of hand and cause him to hallucinate. This combined with his PTSD and his inability to control his impulses can cause a disaster.

17. Cyrus tends to be a hermit, but he doesn't like to be alone
Because it's hard for him to handle other people's emotions and as a result of the negative reactions he often gets when he's out in public, Cyrus will often hermit for awhile. However, his inward wanting for companionship and company often eventually brings him back out of hermithood. He is content in the company of even just one or two close friends, and otherwise wouldn't want for anything else.

18. He is fiercely loyal
It is very hard for him to bond with people, but once he lowers his guard and lets anyone close, he can be affectionate, genuine, protective and loyal. Although he will never outwardly state his affection for anyone (he's just not the type to express feelings in words), he will show it. Cyrus will go out of his way and give anything and everything he has for someone he loves.

19. He loves animals
Animals are simple, genuine and easy to read. If a dog is upset, Cyrus can tell empathically whether it's hunger, thirst, sick, tiredness or simply wants attention. And, in most cases, Cyrus has the capability to do something to make the animal happy. He also has a quirk for giving his pets stupid names.

20. Cyrus has a brother complex
While growing up, Cyrus' only source of comfort was his oldest brother who was also his caregiver. His oldest brother was the one who taught him compassion and love. Since his brother passed away, Cyrus unconsciously seeks that bond out in any way he can. If he finds someone who treats him with any parental tendencies, it will subconsciously remind Cyrus of his brother and he will fall into the little brother role. Also, if Cyrus sees anything significantly smaller and weaker than he is, including children or small animals, Cyrus subconsciously takes on a big brother, protective role with them.


Hey Dana this is Scott, these facts really helped me understand and develop the character of Cyrus even more than I though I could for my first animation role! He is a great character to play and I am glad I was cast as him, because he is so much fun to play!

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