22 October 2011

Cain ReDesign

And here we have Cain! The only difference in Cain's newer design is his hair has been simplified to make it easier for animation (by far the biggest request I had for Cain from my animators) and he's now bigger/bulkier. I wanted Cain's silhouette to be a big, stiff, chivalrous wall. There are also some minor design changes with his sword hilt, which now hangs under his belt (as opposed to being attached directly to it, which is unrealistic).

Guile's design isn't going to change because his was the most updated out of everyone's up until now. But I will do a page of sketches for him, and put him next to the others to show their new silhouettes. Ideally, once everything's done, everyone's silhouettes should stand out starkly from each other.

Some of the villains will be going through the updates, too, though it's mostly fixing their proportions.


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