16 October 2011

Rori Scandinavian ReDesign

This set of Rori sketches are a bit different than the ones I recently posted. I've been playing around with Rori's ethnicity. Even though Fate Saga takes place in an original world, it is loosely based off of Europe during the middle ages. Cain and Guile are meant to be English-esque, Larkspur is French-esque but Rori never really had a set ethnicity in mind. After some world history and etymology research, I've decided that Rori is Scandinavian.

It works well because the Vikings are known to be warriors, and Rori was raised by a tribe of warriors. However, I didn't want Rori to look like a stereotypical viking - with the blonde hair, armor and horned helmets.

So while researching their history, I found that there was some crossbreeding with Asia, and some Scandinavians look Eurasian. I decided to go in that direction for Rori, to help give her a distinguishing appearance that separates her from the other characters.

I've also altered her clothes, combining her original outfit with some features from different viking outfits I was able to find. I wanted to keep her clothes form-fitting, but have a piece of clothing that would represent the 'tail' of her wolf form. Her outfit is meant to be black and white, partially to represent Rori's wolf form's color scheme and also because Rori is color blind so black and white are the only colors she can really distinguish.

Finally, I adjusted her figure a bit. She's meant to be thick, strong, and curvy - particularly in the hips. In contrast, Larkspur is going to be thinned out a bit. Once I'm done updating the other character designs, I'll put them next to each other to see how well their new statures play off each other. Fun to come!


I like the idea of the cloth attached behind her to represent the wolf tail. Her new shaped chin makes her a bit more masculine, which is good because it fits her character.

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