08 November 2011


I wanted to test Cain and Rori's most popular outfits from the previous concept sketches, and put them together in a test color illustration. So what do Cain and Rori do when they're together? Argue.

Despite being on the same side, Cain and Rori have conflicting values and opinions - and neither of them are the type to back down. Cain sees himself as a chivalrous knight, and women as damsels who need protection. Rori is distrusting of everyone - especially men - and is a strong, aggressive fighter. Cain is altruistic, Rori is out for her own selfish gain. Ultimately, Cain sees Rori as a rude, venomous little woman who is heading down the path of darkness, and Rori sees Cain as a dirty, chauvinistic pig who thinks he can sit on his moral high horse and judge everyone else, when he himself is just as flawed.

Rori and Cain bring out the worst in each other.

On a side note - Rori's hair puffs up when she's angry. Also, simple backgrounds are simple. This was more to test Cain and Rori's designs and colors in an environment that has a color scheme somewhere in the ballpark of Fate Saga's color scheme.


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