28 November 2011

Guile Test Dialogue Animation

Guile's voice by Casey Mongillo. Animation by Dana Corrigan

Today, I had a demonstration for how to rough animate in Photoshop. I used Guile as my example since he has a pretty set design that hasn't yet been animated, and because I had some awesome lines of dialogue from Casey Mongillo to work with. After the demo, I cleaned up the animation for here.

Photoshop's animation tools have improved significantly since I first started using it (back at Photoshop 7! I'm such a dinosaur.), but for Fate Saga I plan to stick with Flash. Flash has a bit more versatility, and the vectors make it easy to scale the animation without worrying about pixelation.


Nice, I didn't realize this was photoshop! Were you able to get past the weird only-makes-one-frame-at-a-time thing that the guy had to create an action for to fix?

I agree that PS wouldn't be perfect because of the vectorization but there's no doubt the line quality and the things you could do with it are worth consideration.

Noooooo, I wish it were longer lmao. Love it tho Dana!!

Tito: Thank you so much! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get past the weird "only makes one frame at a time" thing, and there are some glitches and weirdness I would like Adobe to fix before I seriously consider Photoshop for animation, but it's way better than it used to be and certainly has its perks!!

Jess: Thank you!! Hahaha, I wanted to do the whole line "Pretty cool name, uh? Thought of it myself just now!" but for a class demo, I had to keep it short. I'm glad you like it!

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