25 November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from Fate Saga!

I wanted to do some test sketches for the characters' new designs and figured I'd group them all together here!

For the top image, Cyrus is cooking the turkey (although it was drawn in the spirit of Thanksgiving, such a holiday does not exist in Fate Saga because it's based off of historical events that just don't occur in that world). Cyrus doesn't know how to work cooking utensils so he is using his elemental fire magic to cook with. Cyrus has some talents, but cooking is not one of them (unless you count being able to flambe any food or drink a talent). Seiron is watching...and trying to recall if turkey is supposed to be that blackened when it's done.

The second image is also sort of in the spirit of Thanksgiving, but more the message than the traditions. Cain and Larkspur both have something to be thankful for.

The third image's theme is "motherly." Rori is not motherly - not intentionally, anyway. However, she is the oldest (being nearly 30, followed by Cain who's about 24-25, Larkspur who is about 21-22 and Guile who's about 14-15) and, with the possible exception of Cain, the one with the most life experience. Rori has been betrothed, she's been betrayed, she's loved and lost and learned to live independent in a hostile world. Because she meets Guile at a young age, he does manage to awaken what little motherly instinct she has. Larkspur has a more equal, sisterly relationship with her, but Larkspur still looks up to Rori to some degree. Rori can give advice (in fact, she's notorious for nagging), and she can be very physically protective when the time calls for it. However, when it comes to the more nurturing motherly attributes - such as consoling, comforting, cuddling or dealing with growing pains - that's when Rori checks out. She can barely deal with her own problems much less anyone else's, and she's not about to pretend she can, either. In this image, she's annoyed that Guile and Larkspur are leaning on her, but just can't be bothered to get up.


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