22 November 2011

Mechanima Contest: You Can't Have Her

I saw the Mechanima contest going on over at Megan's journal and decided to give it a go! The prizes are pretty awesome - including a plushie made by her! (And she makes some bangin' plushies!) And really, any excuse to draw Alex and Rafe is a good one!

Anyway, her contest allowed for two options - a winter theme and a battle against a bounty hunter theme. I chose the latter, since I'm not the best with thinking up seasonal material and I loves me some action. I knew I had some rockin' contestants to compete with, so I really wanted to try and make this action sequence dynamic.

Our villain here is Fate Saga's own Vektor - who is not a robot but he is the closest character I could find to Mechanima's style (and I really didn't have time to design a brand new character. According to the contest rules, original characters were allowed so huzzah!)

Sorry for the godmoding! I wanted Rafe and Al to look like they were having a hard time. If they were trouncing Vektor, it wouldn't be nearly as fun.

Wish me luck!

Mechanima belongs to Megan Miller and Fate Saga belongs to Dana Corrigan. All rights reserved.


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