18 November 2011


I wanted to test out what the new character designs looked like next to each other in colored illustrations, as well as use this as an opportunity to show how the characters interact with each other/give a preview to their relationship. After drawing out Cain and Rori (chosen first because they both had radically different design changes), I went with Cain and Larkspur next because Larkspur is the first main character other than Cain who is introduced.

Larkspur is a flighty, awkward but sweet girl who works as a cleric at the Monastery, and a second job as a waitress at the Crystalin. She is an extrovert with social anxiety, so she often finds herself sticking her foot in her mouth when trying to interact with people - with Cain being no exception. However, Larkspur is a musician, and feels most comfortable when singing or playing music.

Cain is an introvert, who can also be shy around strangers - though his upbringing in chivalry makes him polite and far better with talking to people than Larkspur is. However, he can be awkward as well, and is especially so around women he likes. He becomes very fond of Larkspur's singing early on, and enjoys listening to her play music.

The background is Duero, the town where most of the first season takes place. I drew the background in this picture, but Duero's design and layout is thanks to Monty Bess, with early concepts by Adrian Gonzalez, Robyn Hailey and Sam Keiser.

Time: About two days.
Tools: Photoshop and Illustrator (Cain and Larkspur's lines were vectorized in Illustrator, and then the flat colors were live-painted before moving back into Photoshop).


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