31 December 2011

Happy New Year!

Hey everyone! I hope you are enjoying the holidays and looking forward to a prosperous New Year! I am eager and hopeful for some good things to come for Fate Saga.

There was an issue with the images popping up with the Navigation Bar on top of them, which is now fixed. Please send me a message or comment here if you're still having trouble with the images or any other part of the blog's functionality.

Currently, we are hard at work on the concepts (layouts, model sheets, character concepts). Only a fraction of it is on the blog right now, with much more to come in 2012! A great thanks to everyone who has been following the blog thus far, and I hope you will continue to enjoy the ride with us while we coast our way into the new year!

This was one of the test drawings for Rori and Cain's new outfits that didn't make it to the color stage. I like how some of it was coming out, but it really isn't the best test for Cain because Rori's covering most of him.

Rori is very short - 5'2, and Cain is a whopping 6'2. I imagine in this scenario, they might be trying to watch some kind of event, either behind a fence, gate or in a crowd of people. Rori can't see over everyone else, so she goes to perch on something higher. But climbing on things is very unlady-like, and Cain being the helpful gent he is, decides to spare Rori the strain of climbing and just hoists her up like a little kid so she can get a better look. But Rori doesn't like to be touched, and she especially doesn't like some guy taking it upon himself to pick her up.

This would probably be early enough in their relationship that Cain doesn't yet know better. Cain's asking her if she can see any better now, and Rori's about to tear his face off.


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