23 December 2011

Lukas Rough Sketches

These were a batch of practice sketches I did for Lukas, Fate Saga's biochemist. Lukas is one of the newest Fate Saga cast members, and as a result he's had a design that's been ever changing. His mask itself is something that always looks a little different every time I drew it - so with these sketches I'm hoping to solidify Lukas' design. His body is very lithe and snake-like, while his tail is stiff and heavy. I was hoping that, by giving his tail a distinct shape, it would make his tail much easier to visualize and draw and also Lukas needs his tail to keep balance.

One major challenge was trying to make Lukas expressive with so much limitations on his face - the only thing I have to my disposal with him are his upper and lower eyelids, and even they are limited by the shape of the eye opening in the mask. I debated on different shapes for the eye opening - and even considered letting the eye opening take the shape of the eye for better expression. However, it wouldn't work - masks just don't do that, and it would require a more cartoony element than what Fate Saga currently has. Lukas, being a dinosaur-looking creature already, runs the risk of coming across as too cute. He has to be scary enough to be taken seriously as a villain.

Lukas body and frill design is based off of research of frilled lizards, dilophosaurus and dragons. His mask is based off of the plague doctor, and the lab coat is a simple lab coat similar in design to what Armand wears (except Lukas has to keep it open because it doesn't quite fit his body)


What size is Lukas meant to be? If he is smaler than the rest of the cast you could add the elment of him using padding and prostetics to look more human while hating the fact that he has to use them to do so. This would also build up why he is so willing to change himself.

That's an interesting concept, Satinka! Right now he's about the size of a small velociraptor - http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-MGlRw84U6Ec/TvmEdbZd4QI/AAAAAAAAAt4/rukV8xUvkVA/s1600/FS_XMas2011.jpg His dinosaur-like skeletal structure makes it impossible to look human (no having a human silhouette when you've got the spine of a quadruped), and is one of the reasons why he's so eager to change it.

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