16 December 2011


And nearing the conclusion of the Main 4's interactions, we're at Larkspur and Rori.

Although Larkspur and Cain have similar values, both of their relationship with Rori is much different. Unlike Cain, Larkspur is much more understanding and flexible in her beliefs. Although she doesn't agree with a lot of what Rori does, she only brings up her disagreement if she feels that it's absolutely necessary - and still in a way that is respectful. As a result, Rori is much more inclined to listen to Larkspur. That doesn't necessarily mean Rori will change her viewpoint, but she'll listen to Larkspur's stance.

At the same time, Rori is a feminist, while Larkspur has a much more traditional mindset. Rori believes that Larkspur's potential is held back because of her traditional values and everyone else's expectations of her, and at times tries to encourage Larkspur's assertive side.

Their mutual respect for each other sometimes leads to long conversations, with topics usually deeper than Rori is at times comfortable with. So usually it's Larkspur doing the talking - with just a little bit of input from Rori.


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