10 December 2011

We've Got This

Guile and Rori meet before the series begins, so they're already friends when they're introduced to Cain (and, consequently, introduced to the viewer, since we meet Guile and Rori vicariously through Cain).

Guile and Rori have an odd relationship. Rori's much older than Guile, and is in fact the eldest of the main four - nearly pushing thirty while Guile's half her age. However, Rori is cursed with lycanthropy - all she wants is a cure, but has a hard time gathering any information or even talking to people without being chased with pitchforks. So in return for taking care of Guile, he in turn talks to people and looks for information for her.

She uses him from the start, and makes that clear from the beginning of their relationship. Rori doesn't believe in love or friendship, having been burned so badly by loved ones before even meeting Guile that she cut herself off from any relationships. Rori feels that, in the end, everyone is merely out for themselves and any form of affection or loyalty is only out of convenience.

However, Guile somehow manages to reserve a soft spot in Rori's callous heart. While Rori's not about to jump to Guile's defense during a skirmish, if he's ever in real danger - she'll get involved. And any enemy who invokes Rori's wrath is one who will soon wish s/he hadn't.

Guile, on the other hand, is loyal and trusting to a fault. He sees Rori as both a motherly figure and his best friend, and often cracks jokes with her even if she never humors him. Unfortunately, Guile is mostly incompetent and often causes more problems than he's able to help with, which at times puts Rori in a bind.

Here, they're being surrounded by chimeras and things are looking mighty grim - not that Rori's about to go down without a fight they'll remember. But that's not about to stop Guile from cracking a few jokes.


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