07 January 2012

Bianca ReDesign

EDIT: Fixed Bianca's breasts and made her outfit sharper and skankier, thanks to Jess and Tracy's suggestions. Bianca's outfit itself is inspired by Katie Melua's, from her music video "The Flood"

And here we have Bianca! Not a dramatic change, but likely a noticeable one. I chose Greek as Bianca's ethnicity, and tried to go with more chiseled features and thicker eyebrows, and kept the mole in keeping with Greek characteristics.

Also, while Rori and Larkspur were both designed not to have sex appeal (or, at least, they aren't meant to act/look sexy), Bianca's new design was in hopes of making her more sexy. I have her a more hour glass figure, with larger breasts and hips. I also thickened her up slightly because she's wealthy and powerful (in medieval times, bigger and curvier women were a sign of power - since it showed that they didn't want for food).

Bianca is the crazy female of Fate Saga, and I wanted to make sure that her crazy face and features were much different than Cyrus'. Her anger is more volatile, while Cyrus' is more desperation. Bianca doesn't really get scared/upset very often - Bianca's crazies are more aggression and sense of entitlement - while Cyrus' crazy is more based on fear.


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