20 January 2012

Cain Updated Model Sheet

Here are some model sheets I did for Cain's new design. The new design is based on some concept drawings I've been working on with the help and critique of some amazing people, including Tracy, Jess, Celia, Razi and Megan. Thank you guys so much!!

Currently model sheets for the other characters are in progress and I'm hoping to put together some test animations with the new designs in the near future!

Here are some of Cain's earlier concepts.

Here I'm trying out the idea of giving Cain a claymore instead of a standard belt sheath. He's a big brawny beefy guy, who why not give him a big brawny beefy sword? Also there are no other characters who wield a two-handed sword anyway, so it wouldn't cause any silhouette or style conflicts with the other characters. I still need to redesign Cain's cape. Once the cape's designed, I'll add another page to his model sheets.

Cain's current clothing design is based off of number 9, with the boots taken from number 3. Number 3's design is based off of Kishia Houck's concepts for Cain.

Number 9's outfit was inspired by this knight costume I found while researching 'off duty knight outfits.' I didn't want Cain wearing heavy armor all the time (that's Vektor's job...). The coat of arms was removed from Cain's clothing on purpose (for reasons that don't have to do with saving animation costs). But we'll get to that in the future, when we get to more detailed bios for the characters.


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