03 January 2012


I've been thinking about switching Cain's sword from a standard knight sword to a claymore (which is a larger sword that's strapped to the back instead of the hip). The reason is that when Cain has the regular knight sword unsheathed, compared to his huge frame I've noticed it tends to look a little small in comparison. Also, the hip-sheath sometimes looks odd in silhouette.

In older versions of Fate Saga, Cain wasn't as big and had more speed/agility than he does now. I think a claymore would help add to his silhouette, imply more strength and give him a more intimidating look.

In order for this to work, his knightly cape will have to be redesigned to accommodate the backstrapped sword, but his old cape is due for an update anyway.

And we could always say Cain's trying to compensate. Nyak nyak nyak.


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