30 January 2012

Fate Saga Updates

It's been a long and hectic holiday season, opening to an equally hectic (but hopefully productive!) New Year. As you may know from the blog, Fate Saga has been chugging along, slowly but surely, as we work on concepts for the first season. Although we have gathered some interest from prospective companies, we are hard at work to find additional or major sponsorship so we can pick up the pace of production. I am also looking for ways to help make Fate Saga more self-sustaining, in the form of merchandising or incorporating other features (such as live stream or tutorials) into the posts. The merchandising I will look more into once the character redesigns are finished.

Between November and now, with the help of my crew members I've been focusing on tightening the plot, putting together scripts, and redesigning the cast. One blessing and curse of 2D is that your only limitations is the depth of the artist's drawing ability. So as my crew and I gain more experience as artists, we were confined by old designs. Once the model sheets are done, we can start focusing on official artwork for Fate Saga again - without having to worry about the designs suddenly becoming outdated.

Monty Bess
(our environment concept artist) has been hard at work designing Fate Saga's world, and some of his brilliant work has been featured on the blog, with more on the way!

I have been lucky to have the help and critique of my crew members, colleagues and even our fans and voice actors, including Craig Helfer, Scott Smith, Celia Sullivan and Ashley Sahler! It has been great to get such feedback, and it's been helpful in tightening the new character designs and making sure that all of the characters look different from each other and yet fit together in the same world seamlessly. I want to extend a big thank you to Tracy MacLauchlan, Yesenia Carrero, Ochumilla Travieso, Kishia Houck, Jamie Lewallen and Megan Miller for their advice, critiques and well wishes during this time.

Here are some of the updates to look forward to in the next coming weeks/months:

  • Model sheets for Rori's wolf and were-form, Larkspur and Cyrus. Possible model sheets for Malachi, Seiron, Drax, Armand, Bianca and Lukas, but once the main 4 heroes and Cyrus are done, we can start on some of the promotional artwork
  • Animation tests with the new designs
  • More fantastic environmental concept art of Fate Saga's landmarks by Monty Bess
  • Episode synopsis for the first season, complete with concept illustrations
  • Merchandise designs for this year's convention season
  • Revamping the Pitch Book
  • Revamping the blog itself

Thank you everyone for your interest, excitement and support! Lets make this a productive New Year!


Can't wait to see what's in store for Fate Saga, Dana. I've always loved your project and I know it will only get better.

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