27 January 2012

Rori (Human) Model Sheet

Here are the model sheets for Rori's human form. Her wolf and were-forms will have their own model sheets.

Her new design is based off of concept drawings that I've been working on throughout the last few months, with the help and critique of friends and colleagues including Tracy, Jess, Celia and Tara.

Rori's human form has been an interesting challenge. Rori is a very old character, and though her design was tweaked throughout the years, only recently did it get a complete overhaul. Tracy had made a very good point in that Rori should look more ethnically different from the other main characters because she's from the other side of the Pangaea. I've been experimenting with different cultures to try and find a reference that would work best for Rori. I ultimately focused on Scandinavian.

I liked that Norwegian medieval history gave me the Vikings to draw upon as a reference, and went primarily in that direction. I knew right away that I didn't want her to look like a stereotypical viking, and did some extensive research to find that Norwegian history also included crossing over with Asia, and so I took Rori's physical design in the Eurasian approach.

My first attempt at the Eurasian design

Jess had a great suggestion that Rori's facial structure could be made even more ethnic by concentrating on the individual features - eye shape, nose, mouth. I did some research into Scandinavian facial features and learned that they are apparently known to have a hooked nose. So I played around with that concept and gave her more of a pointed nose. Her eyes have since been tweaked to try and take on a completely different shape than the more rounded eyes of Cain, Guile and Larkspur, and with her mouth I just tried to keep in mind that her lips are covering some very large teeth.

At Tracy's suggestion I played around with her outfit to try and make it look more primitive, and at Celia's suggestion I widened her hips further.

This was the second stage of her new design.

The multiple outfits were based off of viking designs - costumes, paintings, How to Train Your Dragon. I also looked at Visions of Escaflowne, since their designs leaned towards medieval and primitive. #8 was the most well received.

I have been working on revamping her color scheme - stepping back from her original black and white design and looking at natural wolf colors. I've had a lot of mixed reviews for which color scheme fit best, and I'm still experimenting with it. So the colors for Rori may change throughout the course of her next few posts until a final scheme is set.

One thing I like to do once I'm getting close to the end of the design process is start testing out the design by drawing it in action. Sometimes, when doing so I will subconsciously make minute adjustments to the design and get my hand used to drawing the character.

I was recently informed by Tara that Rori's design looks more Russian than Scandinavian, particularly because of the Eurasian influence (as Russia is more known for Eurasia...and the word Viking automatically - and for good reason - conjures up the image of a blonde wearing a horned helmet). That was an interesting discovery, and I have since looked into any other Russian influences I may incorporate into Rori's fellow wolf hunters. Since Fate Saga is not a historical show and does not take place on Earth, I feel it's fine to draw from multiple resources and references so long as the details don't contradict each other.


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