09 January 2012

Seiron Sketches, Expressions and Comparison

Seiron isn't a main character in Fate Saga, but he is a major character that has an important place in the series. There's a special challenge in trying to show expressions through a snouted character - and I also want to make sure he emotes differently than Rori, who is both a completely different personality type and a different species.

Seiron is a quizzical, kind, talkative and compassionate gargoyle, who works for Drax, the mayor of Duero. Despite his mild-mannered appearance, Seiron is highly intelligent, powerful and dangerous. Luckily, his strength is only turned against those who try to hurt those he is dedicated to protect.

In Fate Saga, gargoyles are a subspecies of Draken, and are known to be guardians with a strong protective instinct. However, gargoyles are also feared for their brutish strength as much, or even more so, than other Draken subspecies, and thus are brought up as slaves even by their fellow Draken in order to keep their strength under control.

Seiron escaped that life to become Drax's guardian, and in return for protection, Drax gave him an education. When Cain threatens the Draken's way of life, he becomes an enemy to Drax (and, consequently, Seiron)

Seiron and Cyrus have a peculiar relationship. Seiron often has to hide himself from humans and other non-Draken species, as his people are often feared for their power. Cyrus is the first human Seiron ever works with who knows his secret - and Cyrus is never intimidated by Seiron's appearance (Cyrus explains it as he has "more to fear from other humans" than he ever would have from a gargoyle.) Consequently, Seiron often asks Cyrus questions about humans, and uses him as a representation of humanity.

Unfortunately, although Cyrus doesn't purposely mislead him, he is not the best representation of the average human. This sometimes gets both of them in trouble when they act inappropriate in public.

Nonetheless, the two also have the commonality of being isolated - Neither like being alone, both have trouble connecting with the outside world (though for different reasons), and both long for familial love and acceptance.

However, neither are without their problems. Seiron lives a dangerous life, and has a lot of enemies by the nature of what he is, and because he is the guardian to Drax. Cyrus is insane, and can be dangerous to be around even amongst friends.

These two, especially Cyrus, become Cain's main rivals (though they are not the main antagonists)


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