Fate Saga is a fantastical, action/drama animated series about fate and free will, and follows Cain, a knight who can see the future. With only glimpses of prophecies to guide him, Cain interferes in natural disasters and war in hopes of stopping his tragic visions from happening.

However, in a world on the brink of an apocalypse, is knowing the final outcome enough to change it?

Fate Saga is an original animated action/drama series taking place in a fantastical world based on Medieval Europe.

21 February 2012

Manic Rori by Kevin Hobson

This fan art of Rori was a gift from Kevin Hobson - her wolf form mirroring the style of Monster Rancher. Rori's laughing rather manically here, an interesting break from her usual humorless self! Thanks so much, Kevin!

18 February 2012

The Duerian Magic School Exterior by Monty Bess

The Duerian Magic School (which will eventually be re-named) is the facility where Malachi teaches. The school is for anyone with special powers who struggle with controlling them (magic, psychic ability, even lycanthropy).

The student body mostly comprises of children since, by the time they reach adulthood, they're much more set in their ways and it's much harder to adapt. Malachi is the head professor and teaches the elite class.

11 February 2012

Fate Saga Episode 1 Concepts: Farm Animal Designs by Adrian Gonzalez-Roque

So Fate Saga's first episode includes farm animals. Here Adrian is trying to see how we can design the animals so that they fit into Fate Saga's environment, mesh stylistically with the characters and are both simplistic enough to animate but detailed enough to not feel too cartoony.

One thing I really like about Adrian's work here is how emotive the animals are, while relying much more on their posture than their eyes or facial expressions. It'll be hard to tell for sure how well the animals, environment and people mesh together until we do a concept illustration for the first episode, but here's where we're at for the animals so far!

Fun fact: Scott Smith does animal sounds and has been doing research on Ox sounds. This will eventually make for an interesting voice session!

07 February 2012


I feel your pain, Cain. I feel your pain.

Last Friday, I caught a sudden bout of Laryngitis. My vocal chords felt like a giant, heavy ball of mucus and I couldn't talk for a few days. Luckily I was able to go to the doctor right away and was fine enough to get back to work on Monday (I teach Mondays and Wednesdays), but that weekend was mostly spent wasting away.

Then Tito and Jess (close friends of mine and co-creators of The Taffetas) surprised me with this adorable, gorgeous and hilarious comic as a get-well present and it made my whole weekend! Thank you so much, guys!

You can also see this comic along with Taffetas concept art (and jam!) on Tito's blog! Go check out their blogs and bask in their amazing artwork!

04 February 2012

My Little Buddy

This adorable piece was drawn a long while back (maybe a year ago?) by my talented friend and Taffetas' co-creator Tracy MacLauchlan! It's using Cyrus' old design and color scheme. I can't help but gush at how sweet and serene Cyrus looks here (Tracy has such a knack for expressions and posing!) - such a contrast to some of his more axe-crazy looks!

...like this one, which I drew probably around the same time period. It's interesting to look back on old artwork (whether it was done by me, Tracy or anyone else) and seeing how things develop across time. I can tell that this was before the pilot went into production because Cyrus has the old green/brown color scheme. I have a thing for earth tones.

01 February 2012


Ashley Sahler, the voice actress for Fate Saga's leading lady, Larkspur as well as the seductive sorceress, Bianca, has starred in a student short film called Life Path. Please check it out!