11 February 2012

Fate Saga Episode 1 Concepts: Farm Animal Designs by Adrian Gonzalez-Roque

So Fate Saga's first episode includes farm animals. Here Adrian is trying to see how we can design the animals so that they fit into Fate Saga's environment, mesh stylistically with the characters and are both simplistic enough to animate but detailed enough to not feel too cartoony.

One thing I really like about Adrian's work here is how emotive the animals are, while relying much more on their posture than their eyes or facial expressions. It'll be hard to tell for sure how well the animals, environment and people mesh together until we do a concept illustration for the first episode, but here's where we're at for the animals so far!

Fun fact: Scott Smith does animal sounds and has been doing research on Ox sounds. This will eventually make for an interesting voice session!


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