08 June 2012

Resurgiance to a Regular Update Schedule

Fate Saga Pitch Book Cover.
Lines by Dana Corrigan, with much help and critique from Tracy MacLauchlan, Yesenia Carrero, Scott Smith, Ochumilla Travieso and Sofia Alexander.
Colors by Sofia Alexander

Hello everyone! After this brief reprieve, Fate Saga's blog is now returning to a regular posting schedule of Mondays and Fridays at 12am.

These last few months had been dedicated to recreating the pitch book with all new graphics and updated text based off of all of the changes done to the character designs, environments and story since last year. It's excited to see it finally done, and in the time spent working on it, we now have a great deal of new material and announcements not yet online.

The new schedule for now is going to work like this: Mondays will be events, information and story-based posts, talking more about Fate Saga in general, any fun announcements, character updates, etc. Fridays will be artwork-based posts, and will talk about production from an artistic standpoint (such as what the artwork is used for or the process of developing the artwork).

So mark your calendars for every Monday and Friday, folks, put on your shades and look forward to some exciting information about Fate Saga coming soon!


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