20 July 2012

Bianca Poster

Illustration by Dana Corrigan

In preparation for Anime Festival Orlando's art table, I have been designing some Fate Saga prints and posters. Here is a poster for Fate Saga's seductive elven sorceress, Bianca Karangelon. Bianca can wield elemental magic of all types. Though she tends to be predisposed towards using Earth and Fire the most, I have already recently drawn Cyrus wielding fire (which is the only element he's good at), so I wanted to draw Bianca wielding something different. I figured summoning a mighty tidal wave would be fun. I also figured the blue would make Bianca stand out more.

Water's always been a challenge for me, as it always tends to look too 'solid', like it's a jell of some kind. I still have a ways to go with getting better with water, but I think it actually passes as water in this poster.


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