27 July 2012

Cyrus Poster Design

Cyrus poster by Dana Corrigan

In anticipation of Anime Festival Orlando, I've been working on Fate Saga posters, prints and preparing for the panel. I had to make one for Fate Saga's resident fire-wielding psychopath, Cyrus!

I wanted to give the scythe a little bit of curvature to show motion, and during the inking process in Photoshop, I couldn't avoid that wobbliness that sometimes happens when trying to ink by hand. I eventually decided to skip the scythe in Photoshop, and draw it using the pen tool in Illustrator. I love me some pen tool.

The first draft of Cyrus' poster showed him more from the front, and I intended to show him wielding the magic more than using his scythe just because I worried that the vertical layout of the poster would make it hard to show the scythe in an action pose. But once I had this sketch down, I found it boring and with a poor silhouette. I tried a few different versions of this pose, but none of them worked and I ultimately abandoned it to focus on posing him dramatically with the scythe.


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