Fate Saga is a fantastical, action/drama animated series about fate and free will, and follows Cain, a knight who can see the future. With only glimpses of prophecies to guide him, Cain interferes in natural disasters and war in hopes of stopping his tragic visions from happening.

However, in a world on the brink of an apocalypse, is knowing the final outcome enough to change it?

Fate Saga is an original animated action/drama series taking place in a fantastical world based on Medieval Europe.

31 August 2012

Suplex Sketch Practice

This was originally an abandoned sketch in my sketchbook that I did to just play around with showing weight. But while I was visiting my friends Tracy MacLauchlan and Yesenia Carrero in Kansas City last month, they had really liked the original sketch and had some good suggestions on how to strengthen the pose.

So I scanned the original drawing into the computer and made a new sketch over it in Photoshop. This is the new sketch, putting in Jess and Tracy's suggestions. The major differences are in Cain's pose and their expressions, to make Cain look more surprised and Rori more aggressive. It was pretty fun!

Rori is like an ant. She can pick up more than her weight. The problem is that she's pretty short, so picking up something much larger than herself can be awkward in of itself.

This was the original sketch. Jess and Tracy had a good point when they suggested pushing Cain's pose and both of their expressions.

Sometimes it's just fun to play around with posing and weight, especially with characters that have such drastic size differences like Cain and Rori's.

27 August 2012

Character Bio: Cain Strata

This post is going to focus on the character of Fate Saga's main hero, Cain Strata. It's going to focus mostly on his personality, and talk briefly about his history and his relationships with the other main characters. There will be other posts in the future focusing on the other main characters, and possibly others which will highlight special topics like interpersonal character relationships. If there is anything you'd like to see, feel free to comment here or message me separately.

Of course, there won't be any spoilers (what fun would it be to know too much this early in the game?).

Illustration by Dana Corrigan.

Cain Strata, the hero of Fate Saga, is a knight with the power to see the future. After losing his homeland two years prior and earning the stigma of being “a knight without a country,” Cain travels the world to follow his visions and stop terrible events from happening.

Illustration by Dana Corrigan

He is soft-spoken, chivalrous, altruistic, noble and bears the weight of the world on his shoulders. Cain is also sexist, short-sighted and judgmental, which causes conflict between him and some of his more morally ambiguous companions and sometimes prevents him from seeing the whole picture.
Illustration made from original sketch by Tracy MacLauchlan. Character completed by Dana Corrigan. Background completed by Yesenia Carrero

Cain has the problem in that he bears the weight of the world on his shoulders, and tries to endure the burden of his power and responsibility without anyone's help.
Rough sketch by Dana Corrigan. This was one of the sketch drafts done for Cain's bio image in the Pitch Book.

However, despite Cain's shortcomings, his strength and determination inspires other, more weaker-willed characters like Guile and Larkspur, to persevere through their problems. In return, their companionship keeps Cain uplifted.

Illustration by Dana Corrigan. Cain has a tendency to be too serious. It takes more jovial people like Larkspur to get him to loosen up.

Rori, on the other hand, brings out the worst in Cain (and he brings out the worst in her). While he tries to maintain a chivalrous, gentle demeanor around women, his sexism irritates Rori and she's having none of it.

24 August 2012

Fate Saga Action Screenshot

Artwork by Dana Corrigan

This was an experiment, where I tried to draw out a screenshot for Fate Saga using primarily vectors. Cain was sketched and inked in Photoshop, then vectorized in Illustrator. Everything else was drawn and colored in Illustrator, making use of the blending modes and effects.

The purpose of trying to keep everything vectorized in the end was because they're ideal for print. Vectors are constructed through mathematical equations on the computer, so that they can be enlarged to any size without losing any of the visual quality (if you've ever enlarged a photo...the results aren't always pretty).

Since this experiment, I've tried to use vectors as often as I could get away with. You can't get that painterly look with vectors that you can with raster-based software like Photoshop, so it won't always be effective. Still, I do it where I can get away with it.

This image was also an experiment with trying to get Fate Saga's graphics to look more vibrant.

20 August 2012

Fate Saga First Season Episode Titles

Illustration by Dana Corrigan

Throughout the beginning few months of this year, a lot of time was spent revamping the pitch book which included the first season's episodes synopsis. I have withheld uploading any of the episode descriptions here, for not wanting to risk spoiling anything about the story. But I figured it wouldn't hurt to list the episodes by Title, with descriptions for the first four episodes.

As of right now, Fate Saga's first season has 12 episodes, though more episodes will likely be added in the future.

So here is the current, tentative titles of the first season's 12 episodes!

1) Prodigy
A newcomer to the town of Duero, Cain meets Larkspur after a minor disaster while she tends to the injured citizens. Cain has a vision of her death, and awkwardly stalks her to protect her from the anticipated threat.

2) Teacher
Larkspur directs Cain to meet Malachi, the psychic professor of the Duerian Magic Academy, for help in understanding his visions. However, things go awry when he finds Guile, a young thief, breaking into the school. Cain discovers that Guile is searching for magical artifacts to cure his best friend, Rori, who is cursed with Lycanthropy.

3) Bravery
Larkspur and Rori develop a friendship. Both women find that they admire the other in the way they face their fears/the world. Upon speaking with Malachi, Cain reveals the true reason he came to Duero.

4) Recruit
With Larkspur’s help, Cain and Guile try to find jobs. Unfortunately, Larkspur’s nervous rambling and Guile’s incompetence make it near impossible. However, their attempts don’t go unnoticed.

5) The Resistance

6) The Dance

7) Secrets

8) Kantarok

9) Dusk

10) Grimm

11) Only Human (part 1)

12) Only Human (part 2)

17 August 2012

Seiron/Rori Head Nudge Illustration Process

Illustration done by Dana Corrigan, entirely in Photoshop over the span of two days

Often, when working on episodes or story ideas, it's not uncommon for me just to sketch out some ideas while listening to music. Not all of the concept drawings make it to any final scenes (in fact, most don't), but sometimes they'll lead to other ideas or even give me inspiration for episodes or plot points I hadn't before considered.

I'm not saying this concept will make its way to the final story, but it may. All I know is that once the idea came to mind, I had to draw it out. At first I focused on keeping it as a sketch to help maintain the emotion, but eventually decided to try and 'finish' it in hopes of being able to maintain the intimacy of the drawing even with cleaner rendering.

Initial sketch (which was flipped to check for problems). Very, very loose lines to try and focus on the emotion rather than the rendering.

Here, I dropped Rori's hand so that she's grabbing Seiron's arm instead of his face, because the hand position was too awkward and clunky. This way made for a better silhouette.

This was the initial 'finished' version before I decided to try inking/solid coloring.


Final draft. I decided to keep everything in Photoshop instead of exporting to Illustrator. The reason is because Photoshop is more ideal for painting, and I wanted to maintain the softer colors.

13 August 2012

Keith David Has Accepted the Role of Drax Drayton

It is with great excitement that we are announcing that Keith David has accepted the role as Drax, Fate Saga's greedy little Draken and the Duke of Duero!

Keith David is known not only in the television animation and video game industry, as the voice behind characters including Goliath (Gargoyles), Spawn (Spawn Animated Series) and Admiral David Anderson (Mass Effect), but he is also known in commercials and live action films.

Thank you everyone for your support! Keep checking back for more exciting updates!

10 August 2012

Cyrus Print Design for Anime Festival Orlando

Sketched and inked in Adobe Photoshop, then imported to Illustrator to vectorize the lines and add color. The fire was drawn in Photoshop, but then traced over in Illustrator using the pencil tool.

So while preparing for Anime Festival Orlando, I had put together some Fate Saga illustrations to sell as prints and to promote the series with overall (what better way to attract new people than with some flashiness?)

Cyrus, Fate Saga's resident psychotic scythe-wielding fire mage, had been long overdue for some new artwork. Placing him in the midst of fire just seemed right for him.

One of the most useful things you can do when sketching an illustration is to flip the graphic. The blue sketch was originally drawn in the same direction as the final product, and then flipped. The red sketch below was originally drawn backwards, and then flipped again before the black lines were added. This helped to see and fix any weirdness in his design.

If you're drawing on paper by hand, one way you can flip the image is by putting it face-down on a light box or any other kind of light source.

Final lines before vectorization.

06 August 2012

Anime Festival Orlando Conclusion

Cain's character poster design, which were on sale at Anime Festival Orlando

Hi everyone! I just recently got back from Anime Festival Orlando and boy was it a busy weekend! Fate Saga's panel was held this morning, I had the art table all weekend and the character posters were submitted to the AFO Art Gallery. There, I gave out some free swag in the form of postcards and helped to spread the word and awareness for Fate Saga.

The convention was both a great networking opportunity and a great time!

For any new readers who may have been brought here from Anime Festival Orlando, I wanted to give a big welcome to the Fate Saga production blog! Here you will find concept art, merchandising designs, storyboards, descriptions of the cast, story and updates on our pitch. On the right column, you will find the archives for all of the updates done for the blog since our start in June 2010. The blog uploads a new post every Monday and Friday at 12am.

Please check back frequently for more exciting updates!

03 August 2012

Seiron Aerial Panic Walkthrough

Seiron illustration by Dana Corrigan

I had some inspiration to draw Seiron in a dynamic, action pose. I wanted him to be flying, and experiment with the wind whipping through his clothes feel, but I didn't want him to just be flying serenely. I wanted to have something happening and show him reacting to it.

The drawing was sketched on a Wacom Cintiq on Photoshop, re-sketched, inked and then exported into Illustrator to be vectorized and colored. The background was done entirely in Illustrator. The part of it is that this image is fully vectorized, so I could export it as any size I wanted.

Initial sketch. I ended up bringing his arm down because I couldn't get the arm to look right. It kept looking twisted and undynamic, and it felt like the pose would be more comfortable if his arm was down.

Secondary sketch. It doesn't show it here, but I always flip my sketches before I start the secondary sketch. Flipping your sketches horizontally (basically making them a mirror image of themselves) makes it easier to notice mistakes. I had flipped the above blue sketch, and drew the red sketch on top of it.

Final inks before they were exported into Illustrator.

01 August 2012

Anime Festival Orlando Panel Update

Rori's character poster, which will be available for sale at AFO this weekend!

Fate Saga will have a 2-hour panel at Anime Festival Orlando:
Fate Saga: Developing an Original Animated Series
Sunday, August 6 from 9:30-11:30am
Room Orleandar A

The panel will be a condensation of the three topics from Metrocon, and will cover the
1) Conceptual development of the series and pitch
2) What to consider when creating original characters
3) The 2D animation pipeline.

Here is a link to the Anime Festival Orlando schedule, from their website.

Also, look for us at the Artist Alley! See you there!