06 August 2012

Anime Festival Orlando Conclusion

Cain's character poster design, which were on sale at Anime Festival Orlando

Hi everyone! I just recently got back from Anime Festival Orlando and boy was it a busy weekend! Fate Saga's panel was held this morning, I had the art table all weekend and the character posters were submitted to the AFO Art Gallery. There, I gave out some free swag in the form of postcards and helped to spread the word and awareness for Fate Saga.

The convention was both a great networking opportunity and a great time!

For any new readers who may have been brought here from Anime Festival Orlando, I wanted to give a big welcome to the Fate Saga production blog! Here you will find concept art, merchandising designs, storyboards, descriptions of the cast, story and updates on our pitch. On the right column, you will find the archives for all of the updates done for the blog since our start in June 2010. The blog uploads a new post every Monday and Friday at 12am.

Please check back frequently for more exciting updates!


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