27 August 2012

Character Bio: Cain Strata

This post is going to focus on the character of Fate Saga's main hero, Cain Strata. It's going to focus mostly on his personality, and talk briefly about his history and his relationships with the other main characters. There will be other posts in the future focusing on the other main characters, and possibly others which will highlight special topics like interpersonal character relationships. If there is anything you'd like to see, feel free to comment here or message me separately.

Of course, there won't be any spoilers (what fun would it be to know too much this early in the game?).

Illustration by Dana Corrigan.

Cain Strata, the hero of Fate Saga, is a knight with the power to see the future. After losing his homeland two years prior and earning the stigma of being “a knight without a country,” Cain travels the world to follow his visions and stop terrible events from happening.

Illustration by Dana Corrigan

He is soft-spoken, chivalrous, altruistic, noble and bears the weight of the world on his shoulders. Cain is also sexist, short-sighted and judgmental, which causes conflict between him and some of his more morally ambiguous companions and sometimes prevents him from seeing the whole picture.
Illustration made from original sketch by Tracy MacLauchlan. Character completed by Dana Corrigan. Background completed by Yesenia Carrero

Cain has the problem in that he bears the weight of the world on his shoulders, and tries to endure the burden of his power and responsibility without anyone's help.
Rough sketch by Dana Corrigan. This was one of the sketch drafts done for Cain's bio image in the Pitch Book.

However, despite Cain's shortcomings, his strength and determination inspires other, more weaker-willed characters like Guile and Larkspur, to persevere through their problems. In return, their companionship keeps Cain uplifted.

Illustration by Dana Corrigan. Cain has a tendency to be too serious. It takes more jovial people like Larkspur to get him to loosen up.

Rori, on the other hand, brings out the worst in Cain (and he brings out the worst in her). While he tries to maintain a chivalrous, gentle demeanor around women, his sexism irritates Rori and she's having none of it.


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