10 August 2012

Cyrus Print Design for Anime Festival Orlando

Sketched and inked in Adobe Photoshop, then imported to Illustrator to vectorize the lines and add color. The fire was drawn in Photoshop, but then traced over in Illustrator using the pencil tool.

So while preparing for Anime Festival Orlando, I had put together some Fate Saga illustrations to sell as prints and to promote the series with overall (what better way to attract new people than with some flashiness?)

Cyrus, Fate Saga's resident psychotic scythe-wielding fire mage, had been long overdue for some new artwork. Placing him in the midst of fire just seemed right for him.

One of the most useful things you can do when sketching an illustration is to flip the graphic. The blue sketch was originally drawn in the same direction as the final product, and then flipped. The red sketch below was originally drawn backwards, and then flipped again before the black lines were added. This helped to see and fix any weirdness in his design.

If you're drawing on paper by hand, one way you can flip the image is by putting it face-down on a light box or any other kind of light source.

Final lines before vectorization.


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