24 August 2012

Fate Saga Action Screenshot

Artwork by Dana Corrigan

This was an experiment, where I tried to draw out a screenshot for Fate Saga using primarily vectors. Cain was sketched and inked in Photoshop, then vectorized in Illustrator. Everything else was drawn and colored in Illustrator, making use of the blending modes and effects.

The purpose of trying to keep everything vectorized in the end was because they're ideal for print. Vectors are constructed through mathematical equations on the computer, so that they can be enlarged to any size without losing any of the visual quality (if you've ever enlarged a photo...the results aren't always pretty).

Since this experiment, I've tried to use vectors as often as I could get away with. You can't get that painterly look with vectors that you can with raster-based software like Photoshop, so it won't always be effective. Still, I do it where I can get away with it.

This image was also an experiment with trying to get Fate Saga's graphics to look more vibrant.


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