20 August 2012

Fate Saga First Season Episode Titles

Illustration by Dana Corrigan

Throughout the beginning few months of this year, a lot of time was spent revamping the pitch book which included the first season's episodes synopsis. I have withheld uploading any of the episode descriptions here, for not wanting to risk spoiling anything about the story. But I figured it wouldn't hurt to list the episodes by Title, with descriptions for the first four episodes.

As of right now, Fate Saga's first season has 12 episodes, though more episodes will likely be added in the future.

So here is the current, tentative titles of the first season's 12 episodes!

1) Prodigy
A newcomer to the town of Duero, Cain meets Larkspur after a minor disaster while she tends to the injured citizens. Cain has a vision of her death, and awkwardly stalks her to protect her from the anticipated threat.

2) Teacher
Larkspur directs Cain to meet Malachi, the psychic professor of the Duerian Magic Academy, for help in understanding his visions. However, things go awry when he finds Guile, a young thief, breaking into the school. Cain discovers that Guile is searching for magical artifacts to cure his best friend, Rori, who is cursed with Lycanthropy.

3) Bravery
Larkspur and Rori develop a friendship. Both women find that they admire the other in the way they face their fears/the world. Upon speaking with Malachi, Cain reveals the true reason he came to Duero.

4) Recruit
With Larkspur’s help, Cain and Guile try to find jobs. Unfortunately, Larkspur’s nervous rambling and Guile’s incompetence make it near impossible. However, their attempts don’t go unnoticed.

5) The Resistance

6) The Dance

7) Secrets

8) Kantarok

9) Dusk

10) Grimm

11) Only Human (part 1)

12) Only Human (part 2)


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