03 August 2012

Seiron Aerial Panic Walkthrough

Seiron illustration by Dana Corrigan

I had some inspiration to draw Seiron in a dynamic, action pose. I wanted him to be flying, and experiment with the wind whipping through his clothes feel, but I didn't want him to just be flying serenely. I wanted to have something happening and show him reacting to it.

The drawing was sketched on a Wacom Cintiq on Photoshop, re-sketched, inked and then exported into Illustrator to be vectorized and colored. The background was done entirely in Illustrator. The part of it is that this image is fully vectorized, so I could export it as any size I wanted.

Initial sketch. I ended up bringing his arm down because I couldn't get the arm to look right. It kept looking twisted and undynamic, and it felt like the pose would be more comfortable if his arm was down.

Secondary sketch. It doesn't show it here, but I always flip my sketches before I start the secondary sketch. Flipping your sketches horizontally (basically making them a mirror image of themselves) makes it easier to notice mistakes. I had flipped the above blue sketch, and drew the red sketch on top of it.

Final inks before they were exported into Illustrator.


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