17 August 2012

Seiron/Rori Head Nudge Illustration Process

Illustration done by Dana Corrigan, entirely in Photoshop over the span of two days

Often, when working on episodes or story ideas, it's not uncommon for me just to sketch out some ideas while listening to music. Not all of the concept drawings make it to any final scenes (in fact, most don't), but sometimes they'll lead to other ideas or even give me inspiration for episodes or plot points I hadn't before considered.

I'm not saying this concept will make its way to the final story, but it may. All I know is that once the idea came to mind, I had to draw it out. At first I focused on keeping it as a sketch to help maintain the emotion, but eventually decided to try and 'finish' it in hopes of being able to maintain the intimacy of the drawing even with cleaner rendering.

Initial sketch (which was flipped to check for problems). Very, very loose lines to try and focus on the emotion rather than the rendering.

Here, I dropped Rori's hand so that she's grabbing Seiron's arm instead of his face, because the hand position was too awkward and clunky. This way made for a better silhouette.

This was the initial 'finished' version before I decided to try inking/solid coloring.


Final draft. I decided to keep everything in Photoshop instead of exporting to Illustrator. The reason is because Photoshop is more ideal for painting, and I wanted to maintain the softer colors.


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